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kylslil1(8b)July 11, 2011

Well,I've had to put a couple of my projects on hold because I had to get a section of my hydrangea bed done. (dh's requirements) But boy has this project taken a bunch of twists. DH wanted me to make a border for the hydrangea bed near our deck...so I took some old pieces of 6x6's we used to build the dock, to square off the area. I wanted to make a plate border (like I've seen done here)to add some eclectic-ness.

(that's not me, that's my friend caty--sorry for the funky angle, i rotated it) So we set in the boards and I laid out the plates. Weeeeeeell, neither she NOR DH liked the plates...said they were too "hodge podge." Said I should paint them and make them more uniform. (blech) To which I replied....right and that will chip off in no time. So, I finally gave in and sprayed the whole lot of them.

Then they came out to see what I'd done and they both said...YOU CAN'T HAVE PURPLE AND YELLOW THOSE ARE LSU COLORS!! (big eyeroll) So whatever, i'm gonna fix them however I want and the heck with it. LOL I'll post a pic when I get finished with them.


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Marlene Kindred

Don't you love it when everyone is a critic? Too funny....for those of us who don't know the first thing about football teams or their colors, the purple and yellow looks great! Can't wait to see the end result

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And just exactly what is wrong with LSU colors??????

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Purple & Gold were my HS colors. Grandfather had picked them in contest I think. Purple was for Royalty & Gold was what you get if you are best in Olympics! So spray the yellow ones gold & there you go!!! Jan

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shpnquen(z5, IN)

ya know, my hubby seems to ALWAYS have an opposing opinion of MY projects too, but I just ignore them & keep plugging away with my own idea & he soon realizes that mine are better than his. You just need to go with your own instincts & just let him (& your friend) be with their own misconceptions. ;)

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I would have asked them what was wrong with Easter colors any way! he-he I would have liked them unpainted but the purple and yellow looks great too. How did they react to the purple and yellow grass though? lol

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I liked them as they were too, but I think the yellow and purple will be very pretty together. I hope the paint holds up, be sure to post pics when you are done and also let us know how they hold up.
It just occured to me that another way to unify them would be to glue the same colored glass shards or glass tiles to them.
Have fun!

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Well, it's rained everyday since sunday so i'm gonna try to run out and finish the painting this afternoon!

Kathy---i hope the paint holds up too...im trying not to be a negative nancy but I don't know that i have any real faith that it will. sigh. i tried to tell them that but they kept bugging me. now im kinda mad that i caved, lol

luna--no one minds the colored grass...the one before us planted solid bahia in our yard because of the slope. (haven't gotten around to replacing it) So, it grows like a weed and is chopped off in literally days.

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Whoah.. beautiful shade of purple !
What brand paint is that please.

Yeah.. everyone's a critic and full of ideas around here too. I just tell them "what a great idea.. go right ahead. I have the tools for you to use too". So far no takers. ;)

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Lookin' forward to a 'done' pic, too...I like the natural plates look but this way look pretty good, too! Nice choice of paint colors! And good recycling of the deck 6x6's pcs! TFS! Jeanne S.

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