Lawn needs potassium amendment

submerjApril 28, 2013

A recent soil test indicates my lawn only needs potassium. I know all lawns also need nitrogen but for now I would like to increase only the potassium. I have heard of several ways to achieve this but I have found it difficult to get the products in bulk and paying to ship 30-50 lbs of any product is cost prohibitive. Does anyone have any advice on using/finding the below products to boost the potassium level in my lawn. The cheapest effective way would be great. I live in Valdosta, GA

Kelp Meal
Muriate of Potash (potassium chloride)
Sulfate of Potash (potassium sulfate)
Wood Ash

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Quit beating yourself up. Give it nitrogen as no soil test will tell you have enough nitrogen. I have never ever seen a soil test that come back in 40 years that did not need nitrogen.

Then just buy the ratio of NPK you need to achieve 1 pound of nitrogen plus whatever amount of potassium you need. If the potassium requirement is higher than what can be applied in one application, just make several applications during the year. That is the best and most economical way to achieve your goal.

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You're overthinking it. Get a fertilizer with a higher third number, it will most likely have some nitrogen and potassium, but dont sweat it.

I am going to give you a link that should you get a good idea of the fertilizer numbers on a bag and what they do.

Here is a link that might be useful: Meaning of Fertilizer numbers

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