Had to try Ebay 1 mre time last weekend!

cahac(6)December 7, 2012

I just had to try Ebay 1 more time past weekend. And BOY was i surprised at what i got. ordered Sat nite, it was mailed Tues and i got this morning at 9:30. These i can truthfully say are the nicest plants i have ever bought from Ebay. They orange on left is Sunset Dancer,White is Youp and the unopened red is Tango Dancer. Nice size and full of buds several open blooms. and very few had fallen off Group of 3 tagged and in sleeves for $18.00 Delivered. Looks like she has 5 more sets tonite if anyone is interested hers her ad.

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closeup-Sunset Dancer

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Here is a link that might be useful: 3 Thanks Cactus

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Wow!!! Those are gorgeous! :)

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Looks like you hit the Jack pot with them! Very pretty and at a great price too!! Very lucky indeed~~


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