Going Christmas Shopping Tomorrow...

moonwolf_gwDecember 1, 2010

Hi everyone,

I'm going Christmas shopping tomorrow and I'll be in the area of Lowe's and HD. I'll definitely be checking out the plant section! I'm not really looking for anything in particular but if I see a string of hearts I'll pick one up! I'm not really looking for another hoya, but if I see one I don't have I may get one. Has anyone seen any Thanksgiving cacti at Lowe's or HD? I'll be at Wal-Mart too and the one downtown has some TC in. I wonder if the one I'll be going to tommorrow will have them. Wish me luck! All I'm really looking for is something that's pretty easy to grow to add to my collection.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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I'm back and I found two more hoyas! They are Hoya australis spp. tenuipes and Hoya nummulrioides. I'll post my pictures later here but they're on the hoya forum already if you wish to view them!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Hi Brad..

Pick one up for me while your at it will ya? I wouldn't mind Santa leaving a few of those under the tree..

Looking forward to the pics..


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Hi Mike,

Here they are!

Australis spp. tenuipes

Nummularioides (the house smells sooo good!)

Enjoy! Oh and Mike, I'd be happy to send you some cuttings in the spring if you didn't mind :).

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Brad : I would love that!

We can just say it is a belated Christmas gift..:-)

I can't beleive how nice they look..That second one that smells so good..How come I can't find anything like that here already in bloom..;-((

All they ever sell is your run of the mill plants a dime a dozen...

Thank you for sharing these beauties with us..Congratulations on your great find..

Just make sure you treat them as if the have a disease for a few days...Isolate and wash and the rest of your collection should be just fine..


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I can't understand why the tags on their plants don't identify the species of Hoya? Did your plants tell you?

I was looking at them last night, and not a one said whay they were..Just that is was a tropical..Argglol


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Mike, you're welcome! I can relate to finding the common houseplants locally. Downtown, our Wal-Mart hardly gets in hoyas at all, but they did have them before. Funny thing you should mention the tags. They are from Exotic Angel (which is infamous for mislabeling their plants), however, these are two that came correctly identified! How many hoyas do you have? I think I have around 25 or so. My grand total for houseplants is somewhere in the 30s.

This is my second time finding a hoya at Lowe's that was in blooms and buds that I bought. The other one was my lacunosa that recently lost the battle with the mealybugs. No pests so far on these beauties I brought home, but I'm keeping my eye on them.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Brad, you really LUCKED out..Your Hoyas are very very nice..'green w/envy, lol.'
They're full, compact and deep green. Very nice.

I went to a Lowe's once, 'none around here.' I was so excited after reading threads on GW. Ppl found gorgeous plants, at great prices.
So, I get there..Lowe's speciality was Mums! lol. They had a few, very common house plants, all I have, or didn't want. Ivy, Philo, 'common types.'
Plus, their plants looked terrible. An employee was watering, already soaked plants. Foil wrapped around pots, to boot.
Two customers asked names of a couple plants..She didn't know. I joined their conversation, giving them both common and botanical names..'usually I use/know common names though, lol.' I walked out EMPTY-HANDED.
Lowe's is at least 17 miles away, the closest to my home. Never again. But you found a couple beautys. MERRY CHRISTMAS. :) Toni
PS. I've love to find deeply variegated Christmas/Thanksgiving Cactus...

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Thanks, Toni!

I can relate to your story (people not knowing what the plants are). I think we've all been there at least once.
I did find a stinkbug on the australis and threw him outside when I was unbunching the stems. Otherwise, they're a-okay!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Brad, what is a Stink Bug?? lol. Does it have another name? Is it an indoor or outdoor insect? Toni

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Stink bugs are outdoor insects and from what I read they're becoming a major pest here in the eastern U.S. .
Here's an article about them.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

Here is a link that might be useful: About Stink Bugs

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They're ugly..Yuck. Now that plants are being shipped from one country to another, it's probable non-native insects are hitching rides.
I've found baby reptiles, and a King Moth caccoon. The caccoon was 4-5" long. It ate off all but 2 leaves of an E. Crown of Thorns. It took a while but this uncommon moth hatched. Lived a few days, then died. It was the largest moth we ever saw. Pretty colors,, though. lol.
BTW, the reptiles were from FL. I have no idea where Mr. Moth came from. A warm climate in USA. lol.

Well, at least Stink Bugs get fiarly large, unlike Mites.

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