Crazy Cool Spider Plants With Pics!

karate626(7A Maryland)December 27, 2011

The place I work has a huge old green house that I can use for some of my plants. My spider plants grow like crazy there! In the first pic, the spider plant was potted and set on top of the ground. It was growing babies that were rooted into the ground with their own babies! And the stalk it had babies on was very thick, thicker than my thumb! Usually they are skinny. In the Second pic, I planted a small spider plant about 1 year ago near a leak I saw that was saturating the soil. It has grown HUGE! They are so vigorous! It has more than tripled in size!

Here are the pics:

Just thought I would share,


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That is pretty crazy cool! Thanks :)

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zzackey(8b GA)

You are so lucky to have a place like that to work in! I miss my nursery jobs....kinda.

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Karate..Too bad you couldn't bring the green house home, ha? LOL
Very nice job. BEWARE, with all the offshoots, you might find yourself with hundreds of new Spider Plants.

Is the Spider in picture 2, one plant? If so, it's huge. I bet the roots are humongous. lol.

I'd remove the Creeping Charlie, 'weed' growing around your plants. They 'might' attract insects. Also, since you can use their gh, by removing the weeds you might be able to plant one of your personal tropicals in the free space. Congrats, Toni

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