Sophora prostrata

jonaskragebaer(8 denmark)December 12, 2010

hi there, i was wondering if any1 else is growing this plant indoors? if so how is it doing? mine dosnt seem to thrive, iv'e had the plant just about 1 year now and i have no idea of how to take care of it, like what soil mix does it like, and how much water?

any help is appreciated :)

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Sophora prostrata is rarely available in the U.S. When grown here as a container plant, it's usually outdoors and in a mild climate. Indoors, I suspect it would require very good light during most of the day, an unheated (or fairly cool) location when it's not actively growing, and good air circulation. Allow the soil to approach dryness between waterings.

Its relative, Sophora affinis (Eve's Necklace), is a favorite of mine. Eve's Necklace is native to the southwestern U.S. It's a graceful small tree that produces beautiful pendulous flowers each spring.

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jonaskragebaer(8 denmark)

thanks for reply, what soil do you grow yours in?

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Sorry, didn't mean to imply that my Sophora affinis is a house plant. It grows it in my yard and has been for about a dozen years. In its native Texas, Sophora affinis grows in alkaline soil, but it adapts well to other soil types -- neutral to slightly acidic in my case.

The only commercial source for Sophora prostrata that I'm aware of is Forestfarm in Oregon. According to their print catalog, your Sophora is indigenous to New Zealand and grows in 'a dense tangled mound 3-5 ft tall'. I haven't checked their online catalog, so there might be more info there. I've no idea what your plant's requirements for optimal growth are. The folks at Forestfarm are very knowledgeable and responsive. Consider emailing them to seek advice on growing S. prostrata as a house plant.

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jonaskragebaer(8 denmark)

well thanks for the help, im prob not gonna write them though, i repottet it 2 weeks ago, but if it dosnt get better i might look into it :)

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