Wanted to share a few Pics of Lyman Estates. Oh beautiful!

meyermike_1micha(5)December 2, 2012

I had NO idea this place was just 20 minutes from my home until my good friend told me about it. Oh, I was in plant and orchid heaven...Please enjoy since many of you will recognize many plants here:-0)

It's an old rustic castle home with beautiful walking trails and greenhouse added onto the walls of this building. A great place to escape to and learn so much from. It's warm in there and all the plants are in pots!
You can buy plants here not seen anywhere else.

A great place to escape to in the heart of winter.

And, my ASPEN T.C has finally opened. I hope you enjoyed the tour:-)

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Wow...beautiful! How is that greenhouse heated? I could stay in there all day! You're in Michigan? I was born in Detroit. Now live in NJ. My Aunt lives in Dearborn Hgts.

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WOW here too, so many plants I would love to get my hands on LOL...I'm so jeaous, I wish I had a place like that here...most of the nurseries around here only sell trees, and if they have houseplants, 98% of them are basic plants you can find anywhere...and you just discovered this place?? maybe I need to do some more reearch to see if I have a place like that somewhere near, I'd even be willing to travel a ways for it.

Thank you for the photos.


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Yowza, Mike! What a wonderful place to visit! I can just imagine that scent, only found in greenhouses... and what a huge collection, and a lot of work for someone and crew!

Thank you for sharing your visit! Absolutely divine!

So, did you bring anything home with you... besides pictures?

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stephanie_kay(5a IL)

Fantastic pictures Mike, I could see myself spending a long day there. Where in Michigan is this place. I am not too far from Michigan, I tried to google it but only came up with a Lyman Estate and Greenhouse in Mass.

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What beautiful pictures! Gorgeous plants. What is the pink flowering plant in the 7th pic? The leaves and flower shape remind me of foxglove. The Flame Violet beside it is nice too. Marg

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I can't believe you aren't still there! Nice!!

"I tried to google it but only came up with a Lyman Estate and Greenhouse in Mass." Me too.

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Mike. Meet me at the airport tomorrow morning at 7am. You and I are going to Lyman's Castle, to browse and buy.
Not that I'm buying anymore plants. :)

I can comment on every pic, but there's too many. Would you happen to know what the pink bell-shape flower is?

Orchid flowers are so big and beautiful!

I want a tree fern. lol

The variegates are amazing..And the orange flower...WOW..is that an orchid?

Luv the citrus/lemon...fruit are big.
Mounted wall of tropicals.

Too many to name.

Lyman Castle conservatory would be a great place to visit. 20 minutes away! You should go there daily. lol

FTP. Don't look for nurseries. Google/phone book instead, Conservatory. Toni

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Awesome! I bet you loved it, haha!
I noticed some great plants in there, a cool "Silver Dollar Jade" as well.


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stephanie_kay(5a IL)

Toni, I didn't find it under Conservatory, either. I came up with Lincoln Park and Taylor Conservatory but no Lyman Estate/Conservatory. Stevi

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

I really like the old greenhouse with its heating pipes, window opening mechanism and those lovely old bricks. It is very reminiscent of old lean-to glasshouses here. I love going into them in the winter.

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What beautiful plants. Mike, you don't need to buy any - just convince them that you want to live there and care-take all the plants. They could all be yours for free. :)

That lemon tree was something special.

Toni, are you coming to MA? Before you hang out with Mikey - we should do tea. :)

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stephanie_kay(5a IL)

I think I am a little confused here, for some reason I thought Mike lived in Michigan, but he lives in Massachusetts? That would be why the only Lyman Castle I find is outside of Boston and not in MI.
So I do not see myself visiting Lyman's any time too soon.
The photos were beautiful!

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Oh my goodness everyone, I had no idea this thread would take off like this! Well, I kind of thought we all loved plants and would all love to group up at a place like this!
So what do you say, let's all hook up and go on a spending spree here! lol

Would you believe they only have on person there a day that volunteers to look after the plants!? Yes, I could not believe it. I might join the ranks.

Elkay, they heat with oil heat I think. I'll have to check it out. i did find out they have a system that gives them fresh water to water with.

Yes, Massachusetts it is! Now, if you are ever in the area, let me know and I will take you there. You can buy anything you want you just can't find anywhere. Did you all happen to notice what looks like a Rhododendron in the

Yes, I could spend all day here, and in fact, go there at every chance I have just to be at peace and examine every plant there along with looking at how they are cared for and what they thrive in 18th picture down? I thought is quite unusual.

Rosey...lol I have thought of sleeping there for a fee...Caring for those plants for free.lol

Toni, Come on up! Bring a lot of cash with you. By the way, did I tell you that only here can you buy the most unusual pots too?;-)

Josh, you noticed..lol

Jodik, how did you know? lol By the way, I'll be going back there Saturday to buy one of those Chocolate smelling ones for sure. I mean, they smell like a rich deep Chocolate smell!

Thank you for walking with me everyone. I just knew you would all enjoy this place as I do every time I go back. There is always something new and something to learn. It is never boring. It is like somewhere over the rainbow:-)


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Ok... Where are the cots?

Im ready for my nursery retreat!!!!

MIke? You ready?

Love all of the pics.. sigh.. so nice!!


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Mike, so, am I reading correctly that they actually sell plants out of this greenhouse? Did you wander across any of those mini bonsai plumies there? This would be a lot closer trek than going to Logees for me, after all - since shipping this time of year (especially on tropicals) might be a disaster ensured to happen.

You don't need a cot - you're already used to giving up your bedroom to house plants - imagine sleeping among all those lovely scented beauties. Surely, a cot really isn't a necessity, is it? :D

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