I am Hooked on these Glass Totems

bzacconeJuly 15, 2010

I now have a family of three glass totems. You can just about make out the little one. I went to habitat for humanity thrift store and they were having a fill a bag for $5.00 sale. What you see is two trips and two bags worth of glass plus a few pieces picked up at a garage sale. I want to make one more so I have one medium size. I think I will keep them grouped together as they have more impact. This forum has been great as I learned about these right here. You can see the bowling ball in the background (I previously posted about that). Wishing everyone a good crafty weekend filled with lots of treasures.

Image link:

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Marlene Kindred

They look great! And your bowling ball is very pretty as well! Great job! Looks like you have a very nice view there too....jealous. ;-)

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What a haul! Our Restore doesn't have much in the way of glass. They do have lamps but they are outrageously priced.

Your totems will look stunning grouped together like you want to do. Is that the bowling ball with the chunky glass pieces I liked so much? It looks great in the garden! Keep those projects comin'!

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Bargain glass! Wow! Looks like you're having lots of fun! I'm partial to the clear glass totems, too! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Just loverly! I'm having a lot of fun shopping for the glass and putting them together.
Now, what do I do with all of them? lol I dont really have a good place to set up and sell them. Hmmm, maybe I'll get some fellow crafters together and have a garage craft show LOL

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I really like the idea of groups of our garden art. I want a little fleet of 'scrooms, or a fairy ring. and a glass flower bed, and ... well everything!
Your clear totems are very pretty! I suggest you make 2 more!

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Love your totems and I like the grouping. I have 2 finished and am waiting to gather enough glass for 1 more because I think they look best in 3's. Gotta wait till I find more glass pieces at the right price..........as this is supposed to be fun not a crunch on the budget!!! My faves are the cut glass ones with a little color throwed in. Have a good weekend all!

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Those look great and what a deal on the glassware. I liked the way you grouped them. Have you thought about maybe putting them on a mirror with the rocks sorta covering the edges. I did this with some green totems that I used for an Emerald City in my Oz garden. I love that bolling ball too.

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