What is this worm and how do I make it dead?

tomee638April 25, 2012

I had a large patch (12' by 8') circle in my front yard that died and we had to rip it out and replant. We found several white grubs, so I know I have/had white grubs but recently I found something different in the link below:

Click here for photo!

I have some bags of mulch I've been moving around my lawn cause I'm too lazy to spread it out under my trees. Every time I leave it somewhere for a couple days then pick it up, I find 4 or 5 of these things under there. What the hell are they and how do I kill them dead?



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Why would you want to kill them? Are they doing harm to anything?

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Probably a caterpillar for a beautiful butterfly.

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Steven Laurin & Company

Can you say troll?

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Mofo2713(North Dallas 7B)

off topic slightly but...Wouldn't it be easier to spread the mulch instead of just moving it?!?!

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"Why would you want to kill them? Are they doing harm to anything?"

Not yet they're not and if someone can tell me what they are and ensure they're not going to do any harm, they can live. I'm fine with that.

"Probably a caterpillar for a beautiful butterfly."

I don't think it's a caterpillar because I've never seen them anywhere other than when I have a these heavy mulch bags on the ground til it gets wet and cool then they come out of the ground. Not sure, but doesn't sound like caterpillar to me.

"off topic slightly but...Wouldn't it be easier to spread the mulch instead of just moving it?!?!"

I agree, but I need to do some weeding first around my young trees where I've previously placed mulch as grass is growing through some of it. Also, it just takes a minute to turn the bag over in another spot which I'm doing in the evenings after work. I plan to spread the mulch this weekend.

Thanks for all the responses! Does anyone know what these actually are?

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So... a few observations and then a couple questions...

First - it's going to be really hard for anyone other than an Entomologist to identify a particular butterfly/moth/critter from it's larva... except in very specific circumstances... Best thing to do would be to keep it fed and let it pupate - and then hatch as whatever sort of critter it is.... then identify that thing....

It's not a worm. Not a slug. It looks most like a catterpillar or a grub of some sort....

So.. Does it have catterpillar type legs (Soft, fleshy, part of it's body) along it's whole length.. or does it have several bug legs that are all together on one part of it's body like what you would see on a beetle?.. This will narrow down "Catterpillar" vs "Grub"... Catterpillars turn into Moths and Butterflies... Grubs turn into Beetles...

Next - what sort of plants/trees was it around? Do you see any moths or butterflies on similar plants? If it seems like it only lives down in the dirt in the grass - that points you in 1 particular direction... If it seems to be living under a maple tree or in your garden weeds - that might take you in another direction....

But.. On a guess - I googled up "Sod web worm" images.. Your critter looks kinda like some of the images that pop up... Does that look like what you are holding in your hand? If so - check out Grub control and insecticide products listed for such things...

IMHO - those are not "Beautiful Butterflies"...


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Could be a terrestrial leech.

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