Reusing PVC piping.

9bark(6 semi-desert)July 20, 2011

Hey everyone! More stuff for ya! I acquired some left over PVC culvert piping and decided to use them for planters.

This one I tranferred two tomatoes into.

This one is a lot taller and after filling it with some gravel and soil I want to plant something in it. This corner gets zero sun. I want to plant an annual as I don't think anything could over winter in it. Any suggestions?

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Hi! I LOOOOOVE the color of those! Very fun. If it were me I would throw some caladiums in there with some creeping jenny. Or New guineas and dichondra...or mass some begonias in there. Or maybe some bright pink cordyline and some creeping jenny.

I love your idea!

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Something 'silver-y' would be pretty with that PVC color ... maybe Licorice plant or Dusty Miller...nice Hosta's & as they grow, this will be an even prettier corner. TFS! Good recycling! Jeanne s.

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I saw something different at a garage sale. They used pvc pipe with impatients. They had cut holes on the sides of the pvc and planted the impatients there. It was like an oversized strawberry planter. Kind of neat.


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Marlene Kindred

I agree with everyone the color of the pvc! Your tomatoes look very happy there! As for shade, the other ladies have some good suggestions. The only other one I have is Coleus. TFS!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

What a great find!
Something trailing would be so pretty. Lobelia is another option, just be sure to get a trailing one that likes shade. There are so many different ones now a days. You could mix it with one of the other suggested that trails further, and put a mix of some of the other plants sugessted in the middle/back.
Have fun and post more pics!

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Great find. I agree ....definately gotta have something to trail over the sides. Your tomatoes look good. Your corner setting will look very nice once completed. Love the hostas in place already.

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I've got a few PVC planters but the sun dries them out so fast that anything other than a cactus won't grow in them. I use pipe painted bright colors over my hose bibs. They don't get run over and I don't forget where they are at. Filled with dirt they provide light freeze protection for hose bibs also.

The Kid painted the last 2 for me. They aren't AZ or beach themed but I never forget where the blue one is when I want water in that area.

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9bark(6 semi-desert)

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I like the idea of putting some creepers in! I remember seeing a silver thorny looking creeper that was a succulent I think with theses crab claw like flowers. I"ll see what I can do.

@tinfoilhat I love the painted piping! Sexy!

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chevy57red(3/4 MN)

Cute!! I would overload them with bright red Impatiens.

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I was going to suggest impatiens. I like Marylee's idea of cutting holes in the side and planting them in there like a big strawberry planter.

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