need ideas to make a gargoyle

topsiebeezelbub(z7 Al)July 26, 2011

Hey clever people, help me out with ideas. I have a BIG round downspout (6 inches) that dumps water from the 2nd story roof onto the back porch. The water then gushes over the gutter because it it too much to go into the gutter and runs down the back of the porch, which has been made into a sunroom. I am replacing lots of rotten wood because of this. I need a GARGOYLE that will carry the water past the wimpy gutter where it can shoot out and land on the patio and not run down the house. I can't afford a coppersmith, and the resin ones for sale are cute, but made for a regular size gutter, not a big round one. Concrete would be too heavy...I don't want to kill anyone! Something like a toy pirate ship cannon, or whatever?????

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

We don't have any gutters on our house. I'm not clear on the concept of forcing all the water to pour in one or two places making a big mess.

But anyway, what if you used a piece of 6 inch pipe and surrounded it with diamond lathe (2 layers) and then stuccoed or mortared it and made it gargoyle shaped (or cannon shaped which would be very easy). I have a planter in my yard which is a styrofoam box covered with stucco. It looks very heavy but is quite light because the stucco layer is very thin. It sits out all winter and is very strong. (Actually I put mortar and a few stones on it this summer to make it prettier and it is heavier now but I still carried it up the street full of soil and plants).

The stained glass and mosaic forum folks make stuff out of diamond lath. You could search over there to learn more. Styrofoam would need reinforcement for this use and I'm not sure how you could stick styrofoam in a garglyle shape to the pipe to make it stick. Maybe use the pipe to help make the shape for the lathe. Hmm, I running beyond my experience, sorry.
Good luck. Be sure to let us know what you do.

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For those of you who don't understand the gargoyle concept...

Perhaps you could do something with hypertufa, a lighter form of concrete. There is a Hypertufa forum right here on Gardenweb.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gargoyles- The original gutters.

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Very interesting. TFS

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Yup I ditto what Concreteprimrose said...even just use the straight wiremesh/concrete idea would work.hmmmm, i have a buch of rain barrels that I need the have a strainer before it goes into the barrel...maybe I could build a gargoyle type thing with a strainer in it that I can empty...hmmm, this may be something I am gonna ponder some more!!! Thanks for posting!!!

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This might help but since I am a computer dummy you will have to go to google....

Wyleesee grote making 101

She has not posted here for a long time, but these are some of the 'gargoyles' she made.
Hope someone can post a link.

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topsiebeezelbub(z7 Al)

Thanks everybody. I am not trying to make all the water go into one already does that, and that spout then pours down the face of the porch. I want to SHOOT it out into the yard. On a really rainy day it should shoot ten feet or more. It is a badly designed roofline, but it is over 150 years old, so can't change it.

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only thing I can think of is if you can add a piece that go's smaller like stove pipe... go from the six inches down to four... the force should shoot it further out... geeme

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