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woodswalker88(6)July 27, 2012

Hi! I'm inspired by everyone's art, but I'm not at that stage yet...meanwhile, I am just looking for good statues to put in various places. There is this awesome Buddha figure, but it is made of "resin". How durable is resin and can you put it out in your garden or will it just get ruined?

We do have rain and freezing temps here in southeastern PA now & then. I even thought of building a little enclosure for the statue. We have some vinyl lattice out back, I could put an arch around the statue & shelter it from the elements with some canvas or tent fabric.

Anyone have some statue advice or links? Thanks


Phoenixville PA

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Marlene Kindred

Resin does fine except that the paint will fade eventually. Depending on the color and the quality of the paint used and how much sun the statues are in, they may even fade in a season. I have had success at repainting them and spraying them with clear shellac or poly. I suppose spraying them first thing would be a good idea as well.

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I have resin in my garden for a good while and,
like Marlene, the only problem is color fading.

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spedigrees z4VT

I have some resin garden critters and they do fine outdoors all summer and fall. However I live in northern New England, zone 4 (I think some of our colder days are more like zone 3) so I bring my resin items in for the winter. They would be covered in snow during the colder months anyways.

Like others, I find that the original paint fades quickly on most of my statues, but I use craft paint to touch them up and this paint lasts almost indefinitely. I don't varnish or poly over the paint, but if I want a shiny texture I use gloss craft paint. I suspect that craft paint falls into the category of artist paint, and thus is exempt from the prohibition against heavy metal pigment, thus it doesn't fade when exposed to sunlight.

I like your buddha statue and have thought about adding one to my gardens sometime. It adds a nice serene look.

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I prefer cement or wrought iron ...but I've had resin (& still do)in my gardens for many yrs those above said, the only problem is 'fading' of pain ...which I don't mind ...but I did just repaint a small angel birdbath recently w/Rusteoleum Hammered paint. Good luck! Sounds like you're joining us GJer's after building a 'surround' for your Buddha! Jeanne S.

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Whoops...forgot the pic ...this resin old angel birdbath repainted a few wks ago...been outside over 12 yrs (yr round most of the time). Jeanne S.

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