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bakersuzie(8)April 30, 2012

I live in eastern NC and up until about 5 yrs. ago, I had a nice lawn, but after some unusually cold winters and dry summers my lawn has been invaded by dollar weed and other weeds that I do not know thier identity. I am interested in buying a dry product that I can broadcast with my small spreader that would kill the weeds and fertilize the centipede if that is possible. My lawn is about 2 acres. It is April and our temps are fairly consistent(70ish). I have access to a Lowes store so if there is something I could purchase there that would be helpful. I bought some trimec southern a couple of years ago but my husband got sick and passed away and I do not have access to a sprayer or the knowledge of how to use one. That was his expertise. Can anone offer me any advice.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

You are sort of in luck. Centipede grass does not need to be fertilized. Why is this lucky? Because it is so tempting to buy a product called Weed N Feed. WNF products sound too good to be true - fertilizer and weed killer all in one. The problem that we see in this forum all the time is someone will write in to say they used WNF and their lawn still looks awful. It is much better to use separate fertilizer and weed killer products.

Since centipede does not need to be fertilized, all you need to find is a "broadcast" weed killer. There are a lot of weeds that go by the common name of dollar weed. It would be much better if you could either post a photo here or take a sample in to a real garden center (not Lowe's, Wal-Mart, or Home Depot). They can identify the weed for you and get you the right granulated product. Sorry I can't help you with a particular product, but I wanted to help you understand about the fertilizer needs of your lawn.

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WNF works pretty well....IF you get the grass wet first! Don't really see the point in that. After I use up this bag, I'm switching to a spray-applies Weed-b-gone type product. I'm pretty sure all broadcast weed product will require wet leaves to work...

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