Can someone confirm this is Zoysia?

ocelaris(7a)April 19, 2013

I live in Northern New Jersey and we just bought a house in November and it appears that we have Zoysia grass. I'm eventually going to put a sprinkler system and replace it with kentucky blue grass, but just looking to confirm this before I go overboard trying to kill the stuff and replant. Long term I want to regrade and terrace etc... but for now I'd be happy with just getting rid of the overgrown hedges and replanting a nice lawn of bluegrass.

I won't start anything until the late summer/fall at the earliest, but I'm starting to get my game plan together. My goal is to get the grass growing full speed, and then do 2 courses of round up, 2 weeks apart. After the first application I'll cut it everything back very low and water. Then I'll wait for it to reemerge, then do another round of round up, wait another 2 weeks and reseed. At some point in there I want to install the sprinkler system, as I think it would be easier to cut down the zoysia really low after I roundup, and I don't want to hurt the sprinkler heads. Again this all depends on funds, the time and energy is there, but the money isn't...

I know it's difficult/impossible to get rid of zoysia, but I think sod cutting the entire yard would be a ridiculous amount of work to get rid of 2" of grass on approximately 3000 square feet of yard. Unless I can find someone who wants the sod, in which case it might be worth it...

Thanks, Bill

Larger pictures here:

My Blog Page

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Yes it is Zoysia.

FWIW the only warm season grass that could possible survive a NJ winter is Zoysia so identification is super easy Kind of like asking:

Who is buried in Grant' tomb?

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Thanks, I kinda assumed that, but reading a million posts and a few books doesn't substitute from somebody who's actually seen/touched/felt the stuff in person. Kinda like how you pronounce some word you've only ever read, and you mispronounce it... and someone more knowledgeable corrects you. Kinda embarrassing, but that's kinda what I was going for, making sure I wasn't going through all this trouble under the wrong assumptions.

But how's that plan of kill, mow low, water, kill, reseed sound? I've read some people suggests sod cutting 2" down for good measure, but I'm just seeing if it's feasible to get away without that step. Seeing how Zoysia is slow growing, I was hoping to fertilize and water to promote KBG and mow at 3" so eventually the KBG wins out if the Zoysia does manage to come back somehow. I was also considering Supina Bluegrass... as I heard it was fairly agressive, or maybe just a variety that would have a better leg up than home depot brand mixes etc...

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You can't really displace Zoysia with a cool season grass, it just won't happen. You have to kill it, and remove as much of it as possible. Refer to this thread and check out the links I included to read about how to kill zoysia and reseed with a cool season grass:

Regarding poa supina, I don't recommend it for a lawn that gets full sun, stick with KBG, TF, or PR.

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Great Links! I kind a ran out of where to look, and that hit the nail on the head, same scenario. Hopefully I'll have enough time before the fall to do basically the same thing as Turf Toes. Thanks!

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For anyone following along... basically this is exactly what I want to do, remove zoysia, install sprinklers, plant dark KBG...

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Yes, it does look like Zoysia. If you really want to get rid of it, wait until it greens up some more and then start treating it with Roundup. You're going to have bare soil for a few months until the Bluegrass germinates. In your area you can start seeding as early as first week in August, don't wait until September as the Bluegrass seeds take a long time to germinate and established.

Get a blend of Bluegrasses, at least 3. If you have some shade issues, use Fine Fescue in those areas only.

You can always paint the Zoysia dark green when it goes dormant, which in your area it will be 6+ months.

Take a look at the link below:

Here is a link that might be useful: Painting Turfgrass (before & after pics)

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