How to amend soil based on soil test results

Rallydog9April 16, 2014

So I'm starting over on my lawn, tore out all the old turf and had soil tests done. Now I'm wondering how to go about implementing the amendments that were recommended before seeding.

Heres what was recommended (in lb per 1000sqft), each area is 2500 square feet.

Front Yard
Lime - 0
N - 2 to 4
P - 0.5
K - 2

Lime - 150
N - 2 to 4
P - 0
K - 3

Lime -100
N - 2 to 4
P - 0
K - 3

The nitrogen wasn't tested for so I'm assuming those are just general recommendations for new lawn construction

I've got a 45lb bag of MAG-I-CAL I was hoping to use insead of lime to adjust the pH. I'm thinking of dividing the lime requirements by 10, not sure what the lime to mag-i-cal ratio would be. Any ideas?

What do I use to add Potassium? Do I just grab any fertilizer with some nitrogen, no phosphorus and some Potassium and spread away? quick math on a 20-0-10 fertilizer means i'll need 100 lbs, seems like a lot to me to put down at once.

Any advice is appreciated!

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I know next to nutthin 'bout reading soil tests but a couple of advisories.

Depending on who did the testing, some labs give recommendations for lime for agricultural purposes where they expect the lime to be mixed into the soil rather than spread on top. Keep in mind that grass does best in soil that is at a PH of 6.5ish or so.and that it is much easier to increase PH than it is to reduce it. So if you add to much lime...
Second thing to keep in mind is that you do not want to add more than one pound of N per month at a time to an existing lawn. Also too much N in a seed bed is not beneficial to seedlings and can kill germenating seeds
Thirdly, N and P leach pretty quickly, so adding more than the plant can use before they leach out is both a waste of money and bad for the enviorment.

Maybe there are some soil test readers here, If not, I'd suggest you re-do the test with Logan Labs and pay for them to make recommendations.

Just my two cents.

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