tinfoilhatJuly 31, 2011

I misplaced my glasses sometime this morning and after several unsuccessful searches. I gave up and came in the house to cool off and find another pair. Thought I'd take a break and post some pictures I took today after I mounted my new bird to birdcage.

400 pound birdcage made from old cable reel and 12" irrigation pipe I made this winter. 57" in diameter and 7' tall. The darting finches drive Buddy wild.

I mounted the bird I recently made this morning and birdcage is now almost complete. I need to run wires from edge of cage to perch to tie rose branches on.

I planted a Tombstone Rose in birdcage shadow and the manual water valve that feeds bird bath waters rose from piped overflow. Rose will eventually climb cage and enclose cage and bird. Bird is 56" tall for an overall height of almost 12'.

I had forgotten to measure bird before I mounted it so I had to run out and climb ladder to measure it. I found my glasses on top of cage.

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LOL! Oh my, that birdcage is an original! A masterpc coop for your finches...& that Tombstone Rose (never heard of it before) is a perfect fit, it seems for this cage! Massive! Congrats ... & lucky that you climbed back to the top!(now you can see everything thru "rose"-colored glasses!) TFS! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

This is one amazing piece of work Jack. I'm not familiar with this type of birdcage, so tell me, how do the birds get inside? I don't see any openings in the wire. LOVE the bird on top...and I'm assuming that the finches will still use the birdcage once the rose bushes cover it? This is completely new to me....

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What a terrible way to tease your cat? So how long before he jumps up and gets caught on the cage? lol Our cat did that on the screen door. She'd jump up, grab the screen to get at bird outside and then get her claws stuck.

Very cool idea for the birds and I'm sure they will feel well protected with that monster bird on top to guard them from Buddy! Now how in the heck did you mount that thing?

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Lady Bank's rose (Rosa Banksiae) known around here as the Tombstone Rose. The largest rose bush in the world is in Tombstone AZ. It covers 8000 sq. ft and is 120 years old. Trunk is gnarled and huge. Branches are suspended on wires 8' above the ground. Flowers are small but there are thousands of them. It is a sight to see in bloom.
There are 2 large doors painted red on the cage and a smaller door for food dish. I will train branches away from doors and keep them trimmed for access. That is, if I don't kill it. I don't have a green thumb.
The bird isn't heavy, probably less than 15 lbs. The teed 2" pipe perch it is welded to probably weighs almost as much as the bird.

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GREAT birdcage!
I have a lady banks rose that has been neglected for awhile, except for a little trimming, when the 'branches' get too long. I like it even if it is not a true rose-no thorns either!
The bird and the cage is just awesome, as is all your work.

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tinfoilhat...That is truly awesome.


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sorie6(6b ok.)

Totaly amazing the things you make!! Thanks for sharing them with us.

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Wonderful cage & nifty bird! Your poor cat!! If there are no thorns on the rose she may end up climbing it & watching the birds inside!! Torture, pure torture!, like the cat watching fish in the bowl ! Jan

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