Which one is the Real Tifway 419???

JrseiaApril 28, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Well last year in the summer, I bought about 500 sq. ft. of the 419 for the backyard of about 400 square ft. So the rest was laid in the front yard. The grass was everything expected.

Fast forward about 8 months, I decided to complete the rest of the front yard with 419. I laid the sod in the beginning of April and the grass responded well. So well that I've had to cut several times already...more frequent than I can remember having to cut my tifway in the back yard.

So now that the grass is in full bloom, I'm beginning to see noticeable difference in the grasses. I have a part of the the lawn (from the left over project from last year) right next to the new sodded lawn so I'm able to compare and contrast. To me, it seems like obvious different strands of bermuda but I'm not sure which one really is the 419.

One is really dark green while the other is not (see the pics). Anyway, this newer "tif way" I just laid down seems more coarser in comparison to the fine bermuda from the first project.

Anyway take a look and see if you can spot the difference and maybe help me in knowing why both grasses are much different.

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Its difficult to really see any difference from that picture.
Are you sure you didn't get TifGrand instead of the standard 419? it seems around here all the farms are going toward TG so they can charge more. It is slightly darker green.

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I'm in California and a lot of people don't actually use bermuda all that quite often. When I bought the sod, I double checked to see if it was labeled tifway 419. The one I just laid, was still semi-dormant so I gave it couple weeks to settle in. Now that it's fully growing, I can tell the difference between both areas of grass.

The darker green bermuda has definitely finer blades and no signs of seed heads while the one I laid just recently has coarser blades and I already began to see few seed heads popping up.

I'm not sure if doing a pollen test with the seed heads prove anything yet...

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Post a close up picture on a cloudy day. That would be a cryin' shame if you mixed common bermuda with Tif.

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