Yellow leaves on Swedish Ivy

tjsangel(z5 OH)December 23, 2006

Hi everyone,

Happy holidays! Hope you all have a wonderful, blessed Christmas and new year. Ok, I have a variegated swedish ivy plant that I got a few weeks ago. I'm keeping him in morning sun, watering when the soil feels slightly dry. The temp in my house is about 67 degrees. I've been finding yellow leaves on the lower and middle half of the plant. I thought these were supposed to be easy? I'm thinking it could be a watering issue or light. Tell me how you grow yours. Thanks!


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Too much direct sun, but not for enough hours a day, and possibly too cold. And quite possibly watered too often. If you're keeping the soil wet all the time, leaves will definitely yellow. Allow it to dry out a little bit more.

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tjsangel(z5 OH)

Thanks Lucy. I have placed him in more sun and I'm going to let him dry out a little more before I water him again. I think I overdid it a bit when I first got him-too much TLC : ) Already even after just a few days he's perked up. Merry Christmas everyone!


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You don't understand - you're giving it TOO much sun, but it still needs light for more hours a day. Get it OUT of the sun.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hey Ladies,

If I understand Lucy correctly Jen, she's suggesting bright light but not direct sun.

I haven't grown these in decades (they were popular when I was in college in the late 70s), but I recall them as wanting lots of bright, indirect light & to dry out somewhat btwn waterings.

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mine is in a west window with two sheer curtains over the window, if they get too much sun the leaves will wilt. I don't water it very much. last year I messed up and had it in a corner in my living room, almost died on me, not enough light, it is actually in my bathroom and it must like a lot of humidity (I like to soak for hours in the tub, gets alot of steam going:) it is crawling up the wall and now part of it is snaking past my faucet, waiting for hubby to make some more cracks about living in the jungle, it is sharing space with a huge palm, two asparagus ferns, and 6 bostons. wish you luck with your ivy, I love mine!

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Actually Jen, I think you are doing exactly what the plant prefers. Morning this time is not a warm sun...rather dim....that's what it likes.
Also, average moistness....if you can understnad that.
Average watering....test with your finger...not too dry, not too moist. I'd say, rather normal. You are doing that.

Put the changes down to the change of environment from the store to your home.
The store had its environment.....your home has a different environment....maybe a little warmer due to the furnace being on, smaller rooms where air currents are different.
Just don't let it be hit with open windows, doors, heat'll be fine when it acclimatizes to your home.

Pick off any yellowed leaves and water with water that is at room temperature...about 68- 72F...and don't use water direct from the tap....may be too cold.
Let it sit overnight.

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