For someone who used to be afraid of gnomes...

cadillactasteJuly 15, 2014

Yes...I admit it...gnomes always wigged me out as in "creepy old man." With that said...I feel a bit redneck when I glance in the yard and see Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty.

When it's calling for hail along with a bad storm...I gather this grouping up and put them in a sheltered area. Last time...I left them there for a bit. Until my husband asked about them. He thinks it's verdict is still out. As to if I love him...or not. He's sort of cute...but, I feel so redneck having him under the tree though. Even if he's sort of his own way.

That said...I actually found a cute garden gnome...but refused to buy him...for fear I would have gnomes gathering all over my yard! And I have frogs as a theme for the yard.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX(8b)

I love garden gnomes and I love duck dynasty I would get all of them. I haven't seen them. I have a few gnomes around my yard. One is driving a John deere tractor that is pulling a little wagon which is actually a planter for a little plant. My husband spotted it at the tractor supply store and bought it, he loves his John deere lawn tractor.

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That sounds cute...yes, I had a big issue as a child with them that carried into adulthood. Until I got Uncle Si. They were on sale at Rite Aid of all places. Each gnome looked alike basically other than the way they were painted. Which was disappointing. Had they been doing something else we may have gotten them all.

So I promised my more gnomes...but, I have found a few cute ones that I had to really kick myself into not purchasing. The tractor one sounds cute.

Uncle more hillby-ish...than creepy. Lol my biggest fear...people start buying me gnomes...and some still wig me out.

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I wish I could get over my ...caution about gnomes.
It seems like they would have a place out in the yard.
I just don't want to come home from work late at night and
encounter their shadows!

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Karen...maybe the hidden gnome like I have in my grouping? Along with a grouping of just an odd array of mushroom statuary? Contemplating making one of these go with this...just not sure if it would be to much.

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I won't post a picture of my zombie would scare the beejeesus out of you! I don't keep him outside, because I know someone would steal him.

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The mushrooms are great.
My daughters have always collected mushrooms.
Maybe I should go through their collections that are
stored out on our barn. The girls haven't lived at home
in 10 years. Of course they'll want them as soon as
I put them out in the yard !
I'm contemplating

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Uncle Si is cute, but I love your mushrooms!
I've seen the zombie gnomes, they are rather amazing.
I'm open to a gnome, but I haven't seen the right one yet.

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cadillactaste GET THEM! Display them and then share a photo with us please Possession is 9/10th's of the law isn't that the saying...

Looks like I may have to add a mushroom toad house to the mix...look closely at the tipped over mushroom. Lol

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX(8b)

That toad must love your mushrooms! He is pretty well camouflaged.

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