Which tttf varieties?

slade789April 24, 2013

I live about 1 hour north of Atlanta, GA and am trying to renovate my lawn. I have about .25 acres of lawn (it's a small lot) and would love to do tall fescue. I am thinking about a custom blend of Bullseye, Monet, and Falcon V varieties. I have moderate shade, but most of the lawn gets 3-4 hours per day. Are these types of fescue good for my area, or should I try to find another blend/mix of seed?

Also, where can I find a seller who will do custom blends of 50 lb bags for a reasonable price?

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reed_nj(Central NJ 6A)

Try the Super Seed Store. I've used them and I'd buy from them again. Custom blends are available. Check their website for specifics:


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Seed Superstore has great seeds, but super high prices. One of the best TTTF sellers is located in Tennessee, it's call The Hogan Company. They have the best selection I have come across. For the Atlanta area, most of the newer TTTF varieties perform similarly. I would select cultivars that do well against brown patch, do well in summer's heat, and have good shade tolerance. Bullseye should be in your blend. Others that meet these criteria are: Hemi, Turbo, Catalyst, Wolfpack II (one of the most brown patch resistant), 3rd Millenium SRP, Traverse SRP, Shenandoah Elite, Hemi, and Braveheart. If you want to do more research on the matter you should visit the NTEP website, www.ntep.org, and look at the latest tall fescue trial results. Also if you are planning to seed, you should wait till fall.

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Thanks, tiemco! What are The Hogan Company's prices like?

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I ordered my seeds a while ago (2-3 years), but I think most TTTF was running about $1.50/lb. Prices may have gone up since the drought and the profitiability of other crops like corn and soy. Also it depends on how much you order.

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I got quoted $1.90/lb from Hogan when I called a couple of days back. He didn't seem willing to do a custom blend for 1, 50lb bag for me but i'd be interested to know if you manage to get a custom blend from them. Their prices are still a lot more reasonable than superseedstore

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See if he will sell you the cultivars you want separately, then just mix them yourself, that's what I did.

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Tiemco - How did you go about mixing the seed to get a uniform mix?

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I took at large plastic bin, then put equal alternating scoops of the seed into the bin. So one full scoop of A, then B, then C, and repeat. When all the seed was in the bin I just mixed it around with my hand for a few minutes. It's not rocket science.

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I live in Marietta and blended my own Spyder LS, 3rd Millenium SRP, and Traverse SRP in Sept 2011. I have a mix of shade and sun. In the shade, I added Firefly (hard fescue) into the mix. It's a little late in the season to seed fescue. Better to wait until late Sept if you can.

I wanted Braveheart, but DLF said it wasn't in production (that was 2011 though). I also tried to get Catalyst, but could only find it in DC and Maryland in 50lb bags (didn't need that much, also in a blend at John Deere Landscapes but wasn't sure about the others in the mix). I plan to overseed this year so I'll be searching again this summer.

I wouldn't count on the fescue spreading much. Even though the hard fescue is not typically recommended this far south, it handled the 105deg temps last summer better than the TTTF, but of course it was in the more shaded areas. My TTTF died off in the heavier shade
(under tree canopy). It looks different than TTTF with its needle thin blades and is not as tolerant of traffic.

FYI The quarter in the picture below is on top of the TTTF not the hard fescue. The Firefly is hard to see in this picture.

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mpierce, where did you get your seed? Was it a local seller or did you order online?

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I got it online. I contacted Hogan 3 times (2 by phone, 1 through webpage contact us form), but they never got back to me (although I now get their email ads). So I bought through yardlover.com and preferredseed,com. If you decide to mix in any fine fescue their seeds are much smaller and it takes fewer lbs per 1000sqft of lawn. Thus it is generally more expensive per lb and you have to adjust your mix accordingly. Be sure look at seeding rate.

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