Zoysia Problems

bordergirlApril 29, 2010

I see this seems to be a common theme here :) Hubby and I are novice gardeners. We re-sodded our back yard last September with Zoysia and man did it look beautiful. Some months later, we noticed a patch that had a reddish look to it. We spoke w/ someone at Lowe's and they said it was a fungus, so we sprayed to treat that. The area never fully recovered.

As someone posted below, we had a very cold winter and the lawn did turn pretty brown, but we were not all that worried.

At the end of March, we fertilized. About two or three weeks later when the lawn still had some brown to it my husband decided to fertlize again. I was worried he was overdoing it, but the next day we got a huge amount of rain so I was keeping my fingers crossed.

One week later and (in my opinion) the brown spots have really increased. There are patches all over the lawn. If I had to describe it, I would say it looks like straw. And then other patches that are still green. We do have a lot of the "seed" looking things, but the tops of those look brown too.

Does this sound like fertlizer burn or chinch bugs or something else?

Hubby likes to be the lawn expert :) But I am trying to educate myself so I can gently nudge him :)

My dad has quite a bit of lawn care expertise (St. Augustine though) and he took a look at it for me a few days ago and thought it would come back, but it was a cloudy day and I think that makes a difference in what you can see. Today with the full sun shining on it I think it looks pretty terrible :(

Looking forward to learning from everyone!

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Zoysia is glacially slow to refill once it has been killed by disease. Just out of curiosity, why did you decide to buck the system and not go with St Augustine?

You will do yourself a huge favor in terms of minimizing future hassle, time, and cost if you just resod with St Aug right now. Get it over and done with. Otherwise you'll be sodding zoysia over and over to keep up with the brown spots. Every time I see a zoysia lawn go in in my neighborhood, I put it on the calendar. So far only one lawn has gone over 2 years. They are just starting their third year with no problems at all, so I guess I need to find out what their secret is.

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First thing Zoysia is slow to green up. Give it some time.

Second thing you fertilized way to early and wasted it. For Zoysia only needs two applications per year. One after it has greened up, and again 8 to 10 weeks later and you are done for the year.

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did your lawn come back? I have the same problem this year. any info is appreciated

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How's your soil? Zoysia thrives in the muck or organic rich soil sand it was originally grown in, for a few years at least. If you have a spot die off that wonderful muck washes away early and you're left with the native florida baby powder sand. My zoysia will not even try to grow in the native soil, but it will fill in a flower bed in a month. In the link you'll see one of my tests ammending the soil with alfalfa pellets and these are the results a month later.

Here is a link that might be useful: soil test link

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