Water Rooting Ferns

ThatAdeniumGuyDecember 8, 2013

Hi guys, I posted this in the fern forum 4 days ago but haven't gotten any responses. Hope you don't mind if I post here.
So I bought this boston fern from HD and removed all the soil and put it in water to see what would happen. It rotted to mush. What ferns are best for growing in water? I thought rabbit's foot fern or staghorn fern would be pretty cool, but maybe I should give Boston Fern another shot in different conditions?
I appreciate your help,

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Ryan, both terrestrial and epiphitic ferns do need moisture to survive, but they also need oxygen to their roots, whether those roots are anchored in soil or on a tree/rock or whatever.
Expecting such a plant to thrive with all its roots constantly under water is like putting me head-down in a pond and expecting me to grow gills. I won't - I'll drown.
"Water roots" such as are developed by many plant cuttings being struck, do often sustain those plants, but they have grown especially for their circumstances, they have not adapted the other way around.
You might be better to look at "bog plants" or google "aquatic ferns" - or visit a local aquarium shop.

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