Bare spots, shade...on a hill - give up?

kokomo61(z7 VA US)April 24, 2014

I've been trying to bring back some bare patches in my back yard, and clearly must be doing something wrong...becuase nothing wants to grow there. I've raked, added topsoil, aerated, over seeded, watered frequently (you should see my quarterly bill).....and still bare.

My main suspect is the amount of shade the back yard gets - but that's not 100%, because the rest of the back yard is fine. If it turns out that I can't fill those spots in, are there ground covers that do well in shade that won't take over the whole back yard?

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I would try a different type of seed.

I don't know much about seed types but I went to a turf farm seed supplier and told them the conditions of my lawn and they handed me a bag of seed. Now my lawn looks the best in the neighborhood!

See if there are any around you, or any universities around might have a suggestion. Ours has a whole agriculture section on their site for what to do in this area.

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ZoysiaSod(6a/6b St.Lou TranZone)

For the hill, you might also consider a special biodegradable landscape fabric that I saw at Walmart the other day. It's suppose to prevent the seeds from being washed away down the hill. Never tried the fabric, so don't know how well it works. Maybe you or someone else could tell us. Another option is to sod the hill, staking each piece of sod at two points. Good luck with that hill! Let us know how it turns out.

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