Is this bermuda?

bama66April 23, 2014

Is this young bermuda germinating or something else? If so I'm going to be ok on my yard, because more than likely it is what I planted last year, not the recent seeding I did. Check my other post from about a week ago for the full story.

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Luisfmart(Zone 9)

It sure looks like it to me. Maybe you can manage to pull some of the roots out so we can confirm?

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Roots are pretty deep. Long story short I planted bermuda in late September/ early October on a new lawn with annual rye. It didn't get cold until early November here in alabama. I'm hoping some of the bermuda made it. I have already seeded 20lbs of bermuda this spring over the rye.

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Luisfmart(Zone 9)

Yes it looks like some of it managed to germinate before the colder weather and made it through the winter. If you're switching to an all bermuda lawn, you might want to mow as low as possible very soon, if you haven't already, to help out the new seeds you just put in.

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That's not bermudagrass. Bermuda is a lighter green and is stoloniferous, no stolons there. Looks like a cool season grass probably tall fescue. You really need to wait until at least June to seed bermudagrass. Even if the soil temp is warm enough for the seed to germinate the bermuda is just going to sit there and not grow very much, meaning your going to be fighting weeds for quit a while. You need long days and warm soil and air temps and your bermuda should establish very quickly. I would reseed in June keep the seed wet, after the seed germinates feed with 10-10-10 at one pound of nitrogen per thousand square feet, then feed every three weeks after with 46-0-0 at a pound of nitrogen per thousand square feet until the bermuda is established.

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So would I be safe to mow the rye that is still growing? it is really liking the water I'm putting down for the bermuda seed. I was going to try and hold off mowing until it germs out but the way you guys talk that could take months. I already fertilized with 26-0-3 last week, and I do have some bermuda that was there when I bought the lot, about 15 ft off of the road, that came back even though it had topsoil added over it and landscape boxed. I'm hoping it will spread and help me out, plus my neighbor built at the same time, and sodded 50% of his yard. I was hoping his would creep my way

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