Chia Junk

rachelthepoet(7)July 1, 2012

Hello all! I wasn't quite sure that this post would count as "garden junk", but it is a little garden...and it is junky!

I had a Chia-Hippo given to me as a gift in college. One day my roommate decided that my Chia-Hippo needed extra watering and a bath and put it outside during a rainstorm, leaving me with a balding and moldy Chia-Hippo. The damage to the seeds & container were irreparable, and I ended up throwing it away after efforts to clean and replant failed miserably.

Years later, last week, I was in Goodwill and saw this Chia-Professor on sale for $3. I couldn't resist! I brought him home and he is now in my kitchen. My DH was very skeptical that the seeds would work because we didn't know how old the Chia was. But sure enough, they grew!

Here's a picture after a week of growth. I'm enjoying having the Chia-Professor around, and I'll definitely keep replanting for a while.

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He's so cute. I'm glad you found him.

Here is a link that might be useful: My blog

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Cute story...& definitely garden junk (in my book, anyway, professor!) LOL! Good find! Jeanne S.

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Oh I think chia pets are so cute! On another note - did you know you can eat chia seeds and they're really good for you? Just discovered this recently and we've been putting them in our smoothies. Very interesting link below! Arlene

Here is a link that might be useful: chia seeds

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