Warning about using Ironite on your lawns

Lara(5)July 15, 2007

Someone recently mentioned the use of Ironite on their lawns to quickly make it greener. I was curious, so I googled a search and found this. Seems like it can cause cancer and it's also very dangerous when exposed to young children. Now, I'm not so sure I want a green lawn taht badly. What's your opinion on using Ironite products?


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misspistachio(10 or 11 San Diego County)

Thank You for the heads up.Once all the work is done hauling away stuff,I was going to start working on getting grass to grow.The sugestion for ironite was for me.I'll be doing alot of research before I put anything down.Our soil is dry,redclay and will need alot done before anything other then weeds can grow.
Thanks again
P/S My Mother has 15 greatgrands under the age of 10. Safety is always an issue around here! :o)

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Ironite - dog died of cancer. I used Ironite in my yard some in the summer of 2008 and about every few weeks, as Ironite instructed, in the summer of 2009, and followed all safety instructions. My large mixed breed dog - 6 years old - was diagnosed with high-grade fibrosarcoma in July 2010. Though the tumor was removed, it returned and the cancer spread and he was put down in Oct. 2010. Do NOT use this product. I also used other pesticides/herbicides. I've gone organic now, and urge you to do the same for the well-being of your family, children and pets. The medical literature makes this clear. The risk is real and my beloved dog is dead. Government studies show Ironite's arsenic and lead exceeds safety standards. Arsenic has been shown to cause cancer. The herbicides or pesticides may have caused it, but also possibly Ironite. A regret I'll live with the rest of my life. I feel compelled to warn others.

Here is a link that might be useful: one of many evaluations on Ironite showing hazards

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