best pre-emergent for Poa Annua?

paulinctApril 27, 2008

Hi folks,

I gather it is early yet, but since so many of us (particularly the Fall '07 renovators) seem to be blighted with the stuff, I am wondering: what is the best pre-emergent for Poa Annua in the typical high-mowed, homeowner-maintained KBG yard? I have searched and searched, but keep turning up studies on overseeded Bermuda and Bentgrass golf fairways and greens. Obviously many of the problems faced by those turf managers don't confront most of us.

So which Pre-emergent is best for us?

Any and all thoughts appreciated.

Thank you,


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caesar772(6 (Ma))

I'm guessing Dimension in the late summer. I just brushed some RU on the tops of the Poa with a cloth style swiffer brush. Hopefully the KBG will fill in without having to reseed those areas. Any thoughts on the above?

It's a little depressing looking at all the Poa. I know everyone worked very hard last season with their renovations and this is what we have to show for them.

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Higher seeding rates. At least in my case I believe my POA infestation was due in large part to a low seeding rate.

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FWIW I seeded at a bit over 4 lbs/1000, to the point where I feared that I had caused damping off by seeding so heavily, and even that didn't knock out the Poa for me, presumably because they all germinate at the same time, when no one is competing with anyone.

Just my $.02, and still looking for the best pre-emergent to beat down this nasty weed!

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The weed alert web site recommends PRE-SAN 12.5G as a pre-em. I have never tried it though.

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So, did anyone have any luck with PRE-SAN 12.5G as a pre-em?

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