cleaning caulking off tiles in a mosiac birdbath

janiedJuly 8, 2010

does anyone have a easy way of cleaning caulking off tiles and glass beads in a mosaic birdbath? when I was caulking the tiles and beads, i got caulking on the top. I have been using a straight edge razor and scraping but thats too time consuming. any ideas would be appreciated. this is my first time doing a mosaic birdbath, so next time i will be more cautious of the caulking. thanks!

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Sorry to tell ya, it is time consuming, but the good thing is...ya live and learn...believe you me, I have made all the blunders with mosaicing...and still go back for more!!!lol! No quick fixes, but some precautionary measures from now about the pic of this lovely....I did a birdbath with some indoor bathroom tiles and they have since been cracking and chipping each winter when it rains and freezes...too bad, such a lovely idea when it was first done...guess I could start bringing stuff in for the winter...just waiting for this birdbath to really look pathetis and annoy me, then I will try to redo it...

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