Bermuda Grass Seed in South Louisiana

RaginCajun(9)April 15, 2013

I've been reading this board for a few weeks trying to get some helpful tips about seeding a lawn with Bermuda in South Louisiana but I haven't found anything. I have built a new home with about 10,000 sq. ft. of yard space total but it is mostly weeds of course. I am wanting to plant either LaPrima or Triangle Bermuda but we have a problem with heavy dark clay down here. I've tried to till a clay yard years ago but it was a nightmare so I figured I would kill everything with Round-up and then spread about 3" of topsoil over the whole yard. I have a friend with a tractor that has a front-end loader and a box blade so it should be easy. I was hoping that someone on here could give me a few suggestions on which Bermuda is the best for my area and the best way to prepare the yard. I've spoken to 3 lawn professionals here (one is a long time friend) and they all say the same thing, "don't waste your time tilling because it will activate more weeds, just cover all the dead weeds with a layer of topsoil and then spread the seed". Thanks

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Listen to the pros. Last thing you want to do is till.

Best method is RU like you plan, at least twice within a week in between each application.

Scalp mow dead grass and bag the debris and clippings.

Use the box blade to grade the area. You can add amendments with the box blade if you want.

Then seed, apply starter fertilizer, roll it, and water.

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Tex, thank you for your comments. I've learned most of everything I know about planting Bermuda by reading all of your posts on here.

Is the LaPrima a good choice for my area?

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i believe it is a blend of SR-9554 and LaPaloma. Should be fine for your area.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

One thing TW did not mention was waiting until May or June to put the seed down. Bermuda must have very warm soil to germinate in any numbers.

Also he did not say anything about adding soil. As long as you have the box blade at your disposal, make absolutely certain your drainage is away from all buildings and from your neighbor's buildings/property. That is what box blades are good at. If you have to haul soil away, you'll need a dump truck. If you need more soil, your friend with the tractor can tell you. But don't just guess that 3 inches of more dirt is beneficial. It probably is not.

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Betty Grisham-Webb

We just got rid of bad weeds with stickers on them. We have put a fertilizer down about 2 weeks ago and now we are ready to plant. We are going to plant Bermuda from seed. What is the best blend to plant. We have three dogs running around in our yard so we need something that can stand up to that traffic. Thanks ahead for any help you can give us. Oh btw we live in extreme south Louisiana

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Did you read the rest of the comments on this thread? You don't put bermuda seed out this time of year. Wait until summer.

Sahara, Princess, and Yukon makes a good blend.

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