Bermuda Grass: Short or Long?

sgrammerApril 26, 2013

I have a full Bermuda lawn. I've done some research about trying to get rid of and prevent weeds and read that I should keep my grass long to block as much sunlight reaching down to weed seedlings as possible (among other benefits of long grass). However, I also read that Bermuda prefers to be short.

Which should I do? Should I cut it short (2" or less) or let it grow to 3"? Is there any harm in letting Bermuda grow long?

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Do you know if you have hybrid (sod) or common Bermuda? Either way, especially if it is hybrid, cutting it short encourages lateral growth. That will help choke out weeds. I keep my front turf at roughly 7/8" and cut it with a reel mower. I have common in the back that I cut at 1.25" with a tractor.

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They put down sod when we built the house. So, I should cut it roughly putting green/fairway length?

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2 inches is not short for Bermuda, that is extremely tall.

While it may be a general rules to grow grass tall to control weeds, does not apply to Bermuda or Zoysia.

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

I cut mine at 1.5" with rotary mower. It is not possible to go lower due to uneven ground. I'd have to go all the trouble to smooth it out by bringing in sharp sand and hauling chain link around. Probably not worth it if my trees end up being 20-25 ft tall in 5 years which means less sun and I'd end up having to get partial shade tolerance grass like zoysia. I'd get st aug but it is not allowed unfortunately.

Look for Texas Weed's Bermuda Bible. It will explain everything on how to care for bermuda lawn if you want it to look good. It's pretty hard to keep weeds out of bermuda without pre-emergent weed control. You may have to spot weed kill occasionally. I have weeds everywhere already. Oh well.

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