Blue Bowling Ball

kirkus(5a)July 22, 2010

A friend is having an estate sale tomorrow...let us do a preview today! YAHOO! My wife Carol said we didn't need more treasures but then said, "Let's go check it out!"

Bought soooo much! (I'll post the other treasures in another post.) This is my favorite find! 50 cents for the ball, bag, and shoes...although I only wanted the ball! LOL Isn't it a cool color? I placed it where I had my fall bowling ball. (We'll put the fall one back there in the fall.) My friend's Mom said she had another bowling ball and will give it to us!!!! She was tickled as to how we were going to use it. :o)

Just had to share our cool, 50 cent, blue, bowling ball! Bear Hugs! Kirk

My fall bowling ball...another garage sale find for $1...

If you missed it, here's the Penny Bowling Ball I made in the Garden...

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Great finds, Kirk! Blue BB is perfect as is! Looks great in your cobalt garden area! Has your penny ball changed any in the couple yrs that it's been out? Pennies stay on? did you use Silicone II W&Doors for it?

You sure did good at the early sale! That carnation box will look great with your new potting table...& I'm glad you got it moved ...for a little more protection...would be fun to change it out for the seasons...Betty had a good idea. TFS your treasures! Jeanne S.

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Thanks Jeanne! I love the blue color of the bowling ball. The penny ball has held up nicely through the last 2 years. I used the GEII glue...only had to re-place a few pennies that fell off. I bring it in every winter. It had a nice patina now. Too cool!

Loved Betty's ideas on my potting bench too. I am having so much fun decorating that thing! Used it for the first time today. Carol found some old collanders at the estate sale...I planted Hens and Chicks in them! :o)

Bear Hugs! Kirk

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OOOO!!!!! I love that ball great place for it !!! Watch out I had one just like and it cracked.

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Nantricia, I'm so sorry yours cracked. I bring mine in during the winter because of our extreme cold and snow. The fall bowling ball is still doing fine after several years so hopefully the blue one will do well. I'll keep my fingers crossed. ;o)

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Boy, is that a pretty blue! It looks awesome in your cobalt blue garden area. I wonder what I ever did with my peach colored bowling ball. Hopefully it will turn up when we move. Great buy!

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So THAT'S what happened to my old bowling ball. LOL.
(I bowled on a league 20 yrs ago.) I like your gold one, and penny one too.

You're on a ROLL lately....pun intended.
hugs, Karen

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bverste(zone 5)

great ball, love the blues, is that a bottle tree behind the foliage?

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The bottle tree gets kind of hidden at this angle with all of the greenery. Here it is before I added more bottles at the base, placing the new bottles on rebar in the ground. :o)

Bear Hugs! Kirk

P.S. Karen, I didn't think you would miss your bowling ball! ;O)

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Blue looks like a natural with all the other blue in that area! Love the way the blue is on the ball, almost looks like an eyeball! Jan

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time to dig out my old ball from the garage.....nice work!!

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Now that's what I call a deal, you can't go wrong for 50 cents. And there is sure nothing wrong with your new BB, love the blue. Also, having a fall ball is cracking me up. BB's are hard to find around here, we have a bowling center, but bowling is not really big in Arkansas.

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FlowerGardener(Z4 MN)

Love the blue bowling ball! I have a silver grey one that has the same style of finish. I also made a penny ball years ago that I put a second layer of pennies on so it is entirely covered with pennies no joints visible.

We also got the bottle tree from Collections which looks like the one in your photo. My DH took a look at it and decided it would not be sturdy enough for full size bottles. He loves to tinker around and has a welder so he made his version of it using rebar which he bent into shape then welded the arms on to hold the bottles. Our tree holds twenty one bottles and we are still looking for three smaller blue bottles for the top. We had some extra large bottles for the bottom layer and then regular size for the the rest and want smaller on top to help give it more shape. Meanwhile the top has green bottles until we find the right size blue.

Love reading this forum and thought I would finally post.

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Love your blue garden area. At Bunco last night my friends helped me get my first 2 blue bottles. Guess we better play more Bunco so I can get my bottle tree faster!!! REALLY liked your penny BB too. How do you keep the pennies looking so good? Did you coat them with something ? I sunk pennies in a cement cross I made for my dad's grave and in a very short period of time the pennies were very dull and could hardly tell they were actually pennies. I've had request to make more "pennies from heaven" crosses but don't like the way they turned so quickly.

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Oldcrafty, you could have a Garden Junk Bunco party...but then again, everyone would fight to take the blue bottles home! LOL I shined the pennies up with some copper shine I had. I tried a variety of methods from Coke to baking soda and the copper shine worked the best. I then sprayed a shiny sealant on top. It has tarnished a bit since the picture but not much. Your cross sounds beautiful! I would love to see a picture. :o)

Betty, welcome!!!! I hope you post a picture of your bottle tree! Sounds neat!!! I had to stabilize mine with rocks. I glued together the pieces as well. I really want to see could sell them! I bought a really nice heavy one at Gardener's Supply online. We found the smaller blue bottles at Walmart in the wine department. My wife also found some at a beer/wine making shop.

Thanks everyone for your nice comments. I never had blue in my gardens until I joined the forum and got addicted because of all of the great blue creations I saw!

Bear Hugs! Kirk

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Thanks for your tip I'll try the copper shine. I'll try to post a pic of the croos. I have it downloaded on another computer would sure make it easier if everything was in one place.

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Marlene Kindred

Love the blue BB Kirk! Looks really great in your "blue" garden area! The others are great too! You guys have really been "striking" gold lately! LOL

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FlowerGardener(Z4 MN)

Kirk, I don't know how to post photos to this site, other sites are easy to figure out. My DH and I are retired he makes things for us and family members. He likes to putter around for fun but not make it a job that has to be done at a certain time. The bottle tree he made is fairly tall and would be hard to transport easily. People around here were asking about some decorative landscape lights he made, so he made some and we donated them to a fundraiser for a cancer patient.

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