Newer home owner- Need help!

JCubedApril 26, 2013

Moved into my first house last June, the yard was already in bad shape with weeds and bare patches. I didn't take the time much last year to begin to revitalize my lawn besides mowing and I fertilized once last year (Scott's Step 4, it was already in the shed). I'm trying to research what I can do to begin bringing my yard back and am at a standstill for what to do. The current situation is bare patches in the back as seen in the picture. In the front yard, there are a number of weeds primarily in the small yard between the sidewalk and road is over run by some very small viney weeds that have overtaken it. I'm having a hard time identifying my grass type as it appears there is more than one, the yard is very lumpy as well (feels like balls of dirt in many areas when you walk through). From what I've been reading pre emergent is key to preventing these weeds from growing, but I'm concerned it's too late for that (although we've had a strange spring here, snow recently and temps in the 30-40s mostly). After that I was planning on fertilizing at the proper time (milorganite?)
With that I've only had the chance to mow once thus far when it was in the very low 60s last week. At this point I'm willing to put in the work and have the time to actually care for my yard. Any suggestions on what I can do to get things moving? Can I still do pre emergent at this point due to the temperature being so low and if so what do I use? I will try to post a picture of my grass close up in a follow-up if anyone can help identify. I live in northeast ohio, maybe 1 mile from the lake (Zone 6 I believe)

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Here is a decent close up of the grass. Again I'm new to all of this lawn care so I'm not sure where to start! I did mow at the highest setting.

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