Killing weeds safe for pets/children

esotericApril 22, 2014

Hey guys! So, our builder let our lawn get overgrown (and I mean overgrown) with weeds before we closed. We pulled weeds for 4 hours and left our yards looking like a minefield, and only got maybe 1/3 of the weeds.

But our cat likes to walk around out there, and even eat the grass. Plus there are a lot of kids in the neighborhood.

Is there a weed killer I can use that is safe for children and pets?

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Yes. Get a gallon of vinegar and add a few drops of any clear shampoo (I like generic baby shampoo) and a couple tablespoons of Medina Orange Oil. If you have other orange oil available, you can use that, but Medina brand seems to be in all the nurseries. This orange oil is not the furniture polish kind. This is the stuff they mix with other oils to make furniture oil. This is the straight stuff. Spray it full strength. This mix will kill the tops of almost all vegetation as long as it will stick to it. Some plants are very hygrophobic and shed this spray before it goes to work. This spray works much faster on a hot, sunny day. I've seen some plants wither, die, and turn crispy in 20 minutes. Some plants have very sturdy root systems which will allow it to resprout. If that happens, spray it again and again until it has no more reserves in the root system.

Watch your overspray with this. It will knock out whatever it hits. When you finish be sure to clean your sprayer thoroughly. The vinegar will eat up the metal and even some rubber materials.

Also the stronger the vinegar you use, the faster this works. Normal grocery store vinegar is 5% acidity. Pickling vinegar is 9% to 10%. You can also get horticultural vinegar at 20%. If you have kids I would not get the 20%. That stuff is a little dangerous to use and can blind you if it sprays back in your eyes. The saving grace on that 20% is the smell is so strong that you can't stand to be near it for long.

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There are organic weed killer sprays available at home depot, etc. I found some weeds die faster with it, others slower, but it still worked.

It didn't have the battery operated fancy sprayer or a hose end type sprayer though so I ended up going with something else after I used it all up though.

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