Newly planted Zoysia sod - Questions

jdub21April 23, 2012

I laid 5 pallets of Palisades Zoysia sod 2 weeks ago. The grass is green and roots are taking quickly. When i got this sod, it smelled like manure so i am very confident it was well fertilized.

I did not have enough sod so I got 2 more pallets from a different company and laid it a week later. It has been down a week but looks nothing close to the other sod I laid as far as color. The roots are not taking as quickly as the other sod I laid and the grass color is "lime" green. When I got this sod, it looked a little dried out, it came back to life after i got some water on it but still not doing as good as the other sod.

The second batch of sod seems like it is still dormant. Anything i can do to speed things up, get it to green up? Can i put down a fertilzer that will help it? I've read to wait until the roots take but i am a little impatient and hate that one part of my yard is green and the other is lime green.

I'm just looking for any advice to help the sod out.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Did you take delivery of the sod and then lay it a week later or did you put it down the day you received it? Makes a big difference. It could have gone dormant (if you are lucky) or it could have died from smothering in that time.

Zoysia is the most tricky of all the turf grasses. It might go dormant early in the summer and remain dormant no matter what you do until the following spring.

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I took delivery of the sod and laid it the same day. I can't imagine the sod going dormant in the summer. The other sod I laid is doing good.

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If it was dried out, it will go dormant. It is a self defense mechanism both Zoysia and Bermuda grass share.

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Hmmmmmmm. Yea, it was a bit dry, especially compared to the sod i got a week earlier. So, any idea when it will come out of dormancy? Anything special i need to do or just continue to water and wait?

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