tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)December 6, 2012

Plant Addiction Thread:

Charlie started an intervention on a different thread, I am going to start a place where we can come "talk" about our need for green.

Today went to WM for diapers and formula... Strolled to the plant section and left with nothing. Nothing caught my eye or tickled my fancy. So I left empty handed. Not to say if there was a plant that was different it may have very well jumped in the cart.

I find my self going to different Walmarts around the area now in search of hopefully something new and different. I cant help my self.

Recently though I did add a peperomia (sp) to the family. Soon I would like to add some flowering plants to the mix. Probably not until we move because I know flowering plants need more light, right?

I am eyeing a certain cordyline and a fireflash. I want the fireflash first though. :)

Thats all, for now.

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I feel your pain, sister!
Was talking CC's with the girl at the laundry today! Was again up in the wee wee hours reading up on them..
Right now, 'MY' WM plant section is roughly 12'x12'..almost nothing compared to what it was..

Like you, space and light is at a premium here. I've been under a self-imposed 'No More Plants' thing for a couple months now, but recently broke down and bought a TC..

Always room for a couple more I guess..


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

What is that disconnect between being at the store and thinking "it will fit somewhere" and getting home and asking yourself, "where in the heck am I going to put this?"

If there were more plants around to buy, it's hard to say what it might look like in here. But the last time I went really nuts like that most of the plants died I have a lot more light and knowledge now, but finding p.lants, that's another story.

DH joked the other day he thought there was a cloud forming in the front room. If he only knew...

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That's where I am Now Purp.. 'Where am I going to Put This'?
With 17 plants in a studio apartment (which I expect to be 17 much larger plants at some point in the future) I may be Maxed out as pertaining to space.. I could throw some shelves or a rack in one window, (which I envisioned the other night) but I'm trying not to do that..

The kids already think I'm nuts, and the greeter at the Plant room entrance at WM knows me by name! I've poured water out of a few plants from time to time, and prettied up a few plants in my time..

*sigh* Plant People...


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I wake up in the early early morning and Jump on Garden Web.
Probably No Help for this.


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I hear you

I breathe, think, sleep the GW...Do I have a problem too?
I had a dream one night that my greenhouse froze and my gardenia grew legs to run into my house and warn me. lol

I can't drive by a nursery without stopping there. I seem to always wonder if there is one I have not been to yet?
I always walked through the plant section into the hardware section hoping I'll see something very unique and thank goodness they hardly ever do.
I peek at E-bay almost everyday, and not a day goes by that I don't look at my plants.
When I go to the tropics, I wonder what I could take home, whether it's in teh wild, on trees, or at local nurseries, but then know it's a no no...
I am always scoping out other people's plants wondering what I don't have.
I forget how much they grow by the end of the summer and have to cut them back to fit for the new ones I got before they did.
Aways looking for unique pots.
And, and, I spend a lot of time of time on one particular tropical 'fragrant' plant site. The only thing that stops me is not the lack of room, but money!

When spring comes, oh boy, watch out. Time to add again. Sometimes though, when I see what I have always wanted or would like, oh, it can be so hard to wait until winter! That particular plant is always on my mind.

I suppose I could be worse. Anyone worse than me? lol


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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Charlie- i constantly check my email to see if someone posted or responded to a thread. It doesnt help that I have an iPhone and can do this from anywhere, anytime of the day or night. Everytime Luke wakes up in the wee hours of the morning, I grab a bottle for him and my phone. However, the last 4 days he has been sleeping till 6 am..

I too have been dreaming about plants. In the last week I have had 3 different dreams about plants.

Also there isnt a day that goes by for me as well that I dont visit each of them to see whats up or if they need something. So being that I am not even a year into this and I already do most all the same things that a vet. such as Mike does, well it seems I am in very deep now!

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

I think I wiill go into denial and blame Charlie and Purple, yup, its ALL their faults...

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I'm starting to think GW addiction is similiar to plant addiction.

When I wake in the morning, the fist thing that's done is let Coco outside and mist plants until Coco's ready to come in..Then on comes the puter. No breakfast.
I check emails, then come straight to GW.

Although, I usually wait until dh leaves for work. Think he's jealous of the
On days he's home, I wake early, turn on puter and come to GW. After doggie's out and plant are misted.

I discovered ways to add plants..1. Hanging. 2. Placing plants on front plant room sills. This year, I placed plastic so cold breezes don't seep through, freezing or killing plants.
I still have three sills left, but, one large, south sill is behind a big shelf..too much work to move. That leaves one west and one north. The north doesn't get much light, but before it is a shelf with four fluorescent lights bulbs.

Also, if you guys don't mind a huge stand in any one room, go for it.
I got mine several years back..It holds a LOT of plants, stands before south and west windows. Also bought a 6' plant light that holds two fluorescent bulbs.

The only problem is, what happens when plants mature?
As it is, my poor Pachypodiums are in the LR adjacent south windows...several feet away. They're in total dormancy. During winter, they've never been in this location, so hoping for the best.

Crown of Thorns, 'too many,' are placed furthest from the frost plant room windows..this is also a first for them.

A few night ago, went to WAlmart, but didn't browse plants..Main reason. Dh and Coco were waiting outside..Besides, our Walmart has cut down.
Poins were all over the store, but they don't really interest me..oh well!

Hanging plants is a great idea..If ceilings have decent beams, and capable holding a plant when watered.

Most of our sills are small..I was thinking of replacing them with deeper sills, even if it means placing a heavy board over
LR, front and back plant rooms, and one kitchen window sill holds 4" pots..not good enough..

The second kitchen window and three LR windows have deeper shelves..they hold 1-3, 10" pots..

So, yep, there's always room for one or two or three more plants...Toni

BTW, Good Morning!

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Or 4, 5 or 6 more!

By the way. I caught myself doing this today! Have you ever done this, you T.C lovers.

Every time there is a display of a new batch of T.C or C.C plants, I always look to see if there is an unusual color or weird shaped flowered one.


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Yeah, I'm guilty, gimme some blame! Ha!

Toni, I've gone from a couple windows with one plant each, to using all windows with enough light and 3 plants each, a total of 10 added hooks this winter. One hook's got 2 plants on it. Now THAT's a motivator to not overwater. I think it would pull right out of the ceiling if it got that heavy.

I go through a lot of rigamarole with the windows every morning and evening. I don't want to spend money on real curtains since we rent here and, being from OH, I have an incredible collection of various throws and blankets so I just nailed one over almost all of the windows. To "open/close" those really tall windows I have to move 1 or 2 plants hanging in each window, get up on a stool, fold the blanket back, clip it with a binder clip, hang the plants back up. Then there are a few little plants that get placed on various sills after the windows are open, and other plants that get moved closer to the edge of their shelf for the day.

My plants would better use the space by being taller if I could leave some of them alone to GET taller. It's just too fun to share and/or do propagation experiments. That urge to mess with it, see if it will do this or that...

It's really crunch time now that we finally found someone to rent DH's house (with no central air or fenced in yard, tiny kitchen and too few tiny windows.) All of his crap lovely stuff that was still over there now needs to come here. I've been "minimizing" all morning, piling up stuff that's just here that I don't really want, we decided it was time to let an ugly chair go to the curb... The front room is walls/towers of stuff where there's any spot around the plants with a tunnel through. Aaaaah! Is it just us (ME) or does crap you don't really need or want multiply when you're away or not looking? It must. I hate to shop and am for sure not buying this stuff. Anyway, finding a tenant's a Christmas miracle and we're ever so grateful, just working our butts off the past few days. I'm going to have to get rid of a LOT of crap before I bring any more plants here. They would just get lost anyway. Heck, I'm lost!

P.S. I love this rent-the-house lady although I just met her. She's a clean-o-phile and agreed that we didn't need to clean the house at all because she would just come along and do it again. She offered to clean stuff over here. She told us she was there cleaning until 1 AM - that's 7 hours. I didn't know it was possible to spend that long cleaning anything, especially an empty house. All she brought over so far was a couple boxes and a LOT of cleaning stuff, most of which was totally foreign to me of course, so she had nothing but the house to work on. She knows too much and whatever she was doing will hopefully always remain a mystery to me! Probably not someone who would be interested in my dust experiments...

Wow, it's so much easier to babble than get back to work...

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I can stop any time I want to but I just don't want to right now. It's really DH's fault, he's the one that will cut longer pieces of wood to lengthen the shelves on plant stands so more plants can come in from outside because, "After all the hard work you've done on these plants...we can't let them freeze outside."
He will joke as we drive by HD or the 'other' do-it-yourself store, "Do we need to stop so you can pick up another plant?" As we look over the plants he will ooh and ahhh along with me.
So you see, how can I stop when he just enables me?

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