Old Weed & Feed From Last Spring (2 different bags) OK To Use?

Illinois-JackApril 19, 2014


Whew. It's been a long cold winter here in Suburban Chicago. I was on on my way out to stock up on some springtime weed & feed for my lawn, but I've noticed I have many bags left over from last year.

1x Sta-Green Weed & Feed Phosphorus Free (opened package)
1x Scott's Turf Builder with Plus2 Weed control (Sealed)
2x Sta-Green Winterizer

Q : Is the opened bag OK to use? is there an expiration date of the un-opened bags?

Q : Ok to mix the two weed and feeds together for spring time application?



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I wouldn't worry about them expiring or anything like that. I wouldn't want to mix two different active ingredients. Say, for example, you had a product with 2,4-D and a second product with mesotrione. If you had equal parts and you mixed them together, you're applying each chemical at effectively half rate--which might not be enough of either to give a good knock down.

If it were mine, I'd limit different active ingredients to different parts of the yard. Plus 2 on the side yard and Weed 'n Feed on the back, or whatever suits your situation. Be sure to write it down and keep track of what does best for you.

Follow the bag instructions, but I believe that granular herbicides recommend wetting the foliage before application--makes sense as when those chems are applied with a sprayer, the target is foliage coverage. So with a granular you want wet leaves for the granule to stick to, dissolve, and release the herbicide.

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