Serious lawn help needed

EUTAWApril 27, 2013

I have googled and web surfed and i could find nothing helpful with my lawn conditions.

I live in florida along the gulf of mexico about 45 minutes from tampa, we just bought our first home ever and the lawn looked as though it had never been cared for. My dream of one day owning a home and having a beautiful lawn went hand in hand.

I have in areas sandy soil, alot of bare ground, where there is some green is all basically weeds, and we have a couple live oaks on our property.

First coarse of action was we had the 2 big oak trees in our back yard trimmed up to allow more sun through, and it has done exactly that, so i do not believe sun is an issue.
Second, i bought some seed, weed and feed, and some epson salt (unsure of spelling) as we read that it helps the grass seed to germinate.
Third, we water daily, and when we do we really give it a good soaking.

After 2 weeks we see where grass is starting to grow but is spotty, in some areas (mainly away from the live oaks) we see patches of grass growing but still alot of barren ground. We looked into sod, they suggested bitter blue based on our conditions and said we would have to fertilize once every month/2months, depending on how the lawn takes. We were told to fertilize often because of the live oaks we have, and i dont mind fertilizing often if it means we can have a healthy lush lawn.

So after what i have described am i giving a good enough description for a green thumb to help me out?

Also how long until i know whether the grass seed i have spread will sufficient enough or just a failed attempt?

Need your help green thumbs!

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Afraid you are basically screwed, and you did it too yourself. In your area there are 3 types of grass you can grow.

Bermuda, but in your case with shade issues is eliminated.

Zoysia might work depending on the sun light.

#1 grass for your area is Saint Augustine, and the best variety with shade issue is Palmetto.

Now here is where you screwed yourself. All of the 3 above are from sod. Well you can get Bermuda and Zoysia seeds but the varieties offered in seed are fairly low quality. There is no such thing as Saint Augustine seed for sale.

So what kind grass seed did you plant? My guess is you bought some from a Box Type Store and most of it is a cool season grass which will not work in FL.

You want a nice yard? Then buy you some Saint Augustine sod. As for Bitter Blue SA, if given the choice between Bitter Blue and Palmetto, I would not even hesitate and go with Palmetto. Palmetto has finer texture, deeper color. better shade and cold tolerance, and less pest and disease issues.

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