How Much Lime to Raise PH by .5?

bogey123April 14, 2009

the soil in my yard has a PH of 6 and the service we use to spread fertilizer & grub killer says they are happy to add lime but their price ($200) seems way to high since 50 lbs of lime retails for about $5.

Anyways, how much lime would you spread to raise the PH from 6 to 6.5? I have about 17,000 sq/ft of lawn.

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Depends on the soil type and product you use. So what is your soil type?

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Never mind, look it up for yourself at

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andy10917(NY 6a)


Even the Lesco page is an overly simplistic answer. You need to know the buffer pH to know how far the pH will move before the buffering capacity of the soil will fight you.

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Thanks for that. The soil is clay so it looks like putting down 50lbs/ 1000sq/ft to start is in the right direction. For 17,000 sq/ft that works out to about $85 of lime and a little time pushing around the spreader.

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If your lawn is established (which it sounds like it is), remember, do not apply more than 50 pounds/1,000 square feet at one time. If using calcium oxide (CaO) or calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) do not apply more than 25 pounds / 1,000 square feet at one time.*

* Source =

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thanks for that link, it was very informative. Sounds like spreading out the application over a couple of weeks makes sense. Might be better for my back too.

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Ask your County or city Agricultural Agent. That's their job, helping you as well as the gov't.

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