Let grow or replace?

rboone7760April 17, 2014

I have two questions.

I spilled some concentrated lawn weed killer on a small area on my lawn. The grass has turned straw like, is the grass dead and should be reseeded or should the grass come back?
We had a cold snap in NC for the last two nignts. I covered my tomato plants with plastic pots but some turned dark, they are still standing. Should these plants come back or should I go ahead and replant?
Thanks for any help

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andy10917(NY 6a)

If you spilled weed killer concentrate, the spots it hit are probably dead. That is many, many times the concentration they can handle.

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What chemical? If it's Glycophosphate (Round Up), then yes, the grass is gone, and according to the label you should wait 7 days for the residual herbicide to decay before seeding.

If it was a 3-way or similar (2,4-D + MCCP, etc.) you're looking at more like 3 weeks.

For the tomatoes⦠for me, it would depend on how many plants you're talking about. If it's a couple, I'd go ahead and replace just to be safe; plants are cheap. If you're talking 20⦠maybe that's a different story.

Around here tomato plants don't do much growing anyway when nighttime temps are still below 55 or so. In my garden, they don't go in the ground 'til the lettuce bolts. :-)

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