Some kind of ficus

dianabananaDecember 6, 2010

I noticed this yellowing leaf when I watered it today. What am I doing wrong? I thought it was over watered and let 10 days go by before I watered it again and then saw this. It's in a room I never go in. Actually a solarium.

I watered it anyway.

I'm not really a plant person, but I'm trying. I love plants. But hey always seem to die in my hands.

All right, How do I get the picture in here? I can't even show the plant now. How do I do that?

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

You may find the information in the thread I'm linking to, as well as that in the two threads that came before it, interesting. There are a lot of possibilities re what might be the issue, and more input from you would be required to narrow possibilities to probabilities. I suggest you read the thread I linked to and see what sounds familiar .... and go from there.


Here is a link that might be useful: More about Ficus

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Thank you! I figured out it is a "rubber tree" ficus. I THINK it's overwatering. We'll see. I read they are easy to raise, but I'm already killing mine. After a month of ownership.

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

To show a picture here, you need to upload it to a free hosting site. Alot of us here use Photobucket.

after it's been uploaded, just copy the html code, and paste it here in your post.

It will be a long confusing paragraph, but when you look at the preview, it will show your pic. if it was done right.


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Before you worry that a yellow leaf is the sign of your plant's imminent doom, consider that in a lot of plants, especially ficus, they'll hold leaves for a long while and eventually that leaf will yellow and fall off. Now if you have a bunch of leaves dropping, or the plant as a whole looks pathetic, that may be a sign of trouble.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

As in finance, we all have a feeling for the level of risk we're comfortable tolerating. We often use market indicators to make decisions about our portfolios and positions ..... or some of us let our financial advisers assess the risks. As Jordan mentioned, senescence (aging) and eventual abscission (shedding) of a plant's foliage is a normal occurrence in the life of a plant. Ficus elastica can hold it's leaves for 3-5 years before its leaves succumb to old age; so as market indicators offer clues to the potential health of our finances: physiological changes offer visible clues the potential health of our plants, and there is some risk involved in ignoring either.

I'm not suggesting a single yellowing leaf is sufficient cause for panic, but I'm also not going to say it's no cause for concern. If it's a young leaf or the plant is young, it's likely being shed for a reason other than natural senescence. If you can isolate the reason and correct the cause, nothing but good can come of it. Ignoring what may well be an indicator of a developing issue has a way of allowing a seemingly minor issue progress to something that needs more immediate intervention.

The middle ground is probably found in our adopting a heightened awareness when we see changes in our plants that aren't for the better. Instead of ignoring a potential problem, monitor the plant closely for signs that it might not be an isolated reaction in the plant; then have a plan in place that will either correct the problem or temporarily minimize its impact until where the plant is in its growth cycle favors what is required to fix what's broken.


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