Coca Cola Cooler Planter

georgiahomegardenJuly 10, 2011

I picked up an older coca cola cooler from a yard sale today. I plan to make a planter box out of it. Any ideas on what would look good growing in it?

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to cooler on my blog.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

That will be a fine looking planter! My ideas might not work for Georgia weather. But you need both height and something to trail over the edges in something that big I believe. Unless you are in a very windy spot then tall could be a problem.
Lobelia or petunias to trail over (petunias might fit the scale better), tall dahlias in the center maybe with a tall grass, profusion zinnias for the mid range. Or that green and white varigated trailer for the edges.
Have fun! I'm jealous.

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Concretenprimroses, thanks for your suggestions. I never thought of growing something to trail over the sides. Thanks for the idea.

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That would make a cute planter, but have to considered having it re-furbished? I saw a very similar one on one of those pawn shows that, when re-hab'd - was worth big bucks!
My fav trailing plants are wave petunias or sweet potato vine. Have fun!

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Great planter, needs some trailing plants &some red & white & maybe purple flowers in it! Enjoy!! Jan

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gramma - I thought about it, but from my research I don't know if this one would be worth it because it is missing the top, all the electrical, etc. I love watching Pawn Stars and American Pickers too. :)

sunnyca - thanks for the suggestions.

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Because it is insulated I put perennial ferns in mine with Sedum and I add annuals for color. I don't have to replant the entire thing as the perennials survive our winter due to the insulation.

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Totally different idea. Looks to me as though it would make a good place for pond plants. Already metal and insulated. The piece du resistance would be a fountain made with a coke bottle or a coke bottle with a chocolate colored plant coming out of it. I sometimes see things others don't. In other words my imagination runs wild. Ha Ha


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