Bermuda not growing in the shade

Sherm1082April 26, 2014

Hello everyone. I have a part of my lawn that does not grow grass well due to the fence blocking the sun. My bermuda is still waking up but you can clearly see the definitive line of where my grass just isn't growing as well. Any green you see near the fence is weeds. If I'm not mistaken, as the temperatures heat up, that part of the grass will start to do better but it obviously isn't getting enough sun. What are my options to fill it in? I definitely do not want to have put down any sod so I am really looking and seeding options. Any info as far as timing goes would be appreciated as well as info regarding where to get the seed. Thanks in advance for the help.

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I'm still new to bermudagrass (my sodded front yard is only 2 years old), but from what I understand, no bermuda grass does great in the shade, and growing bermuda from seed in the shade is nearly impossible. I've been able to move chunks of grass around to fill dead spots with some success, but you have to have grass somewhere else to pull from. If the rest of the grass is growing well, I would think it might slowly spread and fill in, but for faster results you'd probably have to buy sod. Just my opinion, let us know what you do and how it turns out!

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Thanks for the response. Like you said, Bermuda doesn't do well in the shade and I am fully aware of that. With that being said, what can I put in the shady spots? I heard zoysia is good or I don't know if I should just try a fescue.

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I wouldn't attempt to plant any grass that close to the fence. Aside from the shade issue, it seems too difficult to cut. Why not mulch the area? You can either use the area for a flower bed or simply leave it as a mulched border.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Every variety of zoysia except 1 (maybe 2) is a full sun grass. Also zoysia is much more prone to problems than the advertising leads you to believe.

Think in terms of flower beds or a ground cover that works in your climate. Where do you live?

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"What are my options to fill it in?"

A flower bed and shrubs, with shade and part-shade species?

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dchall, I live in the Raleigh, NC area.

Thanks all for the response. I will take that into consideration. Maybe I will just do one big mulch area/flower bed around my entire back yard bordering the fence. Hmmmmm........I have to think about that.

Also, check out my other thread about a weed identification if you think you can be of help. Thanks again.

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