Please help! Lawn overseeded seeded but didn't water!

henrydavisApril 18, 2014

I rented an overseeder from Home Depot and almost finished using it, dropping seed on 12,000 ft2. The sun just went down and I'm ready to collapse! I wanted to finish an hour or two earlier and get my starter fertilizer on and watering done but didn't plan on it taking this long. I plan on getting up around 7AM and doing the last ~2000 ft2 and then fertilizing and watering. Is this going to be ok? I know you're not supposed to let seed get dry or it dies, but it's only 60 degrees out right now and my soil is semi-moist, still. If you guys tell me I'm screwed, well, I better get out the lights and finish this job!


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Relax. You are fine. Once you finish and start watering, you want to deep the soil slightly damp not wet. You may be a bit early in planting as temperatures are still a bit cool.

Edit: May I suggest once you finish up tomorrow that you consider not watering until after the next rainfall, then make sure that the soil remains moist thereafter. Remember, moist, not wet.

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It's fine if seed is dry. What you don't want is for seed to get moist for several hours and then dry out again. That won't happen.

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