Germination Progress PR/KGB

Kevbo2210(6B)April 22, 2012

Hi everyone just wanted to post a picture of my recent germination of day 7 on my lawn renovation. I plated 80% KBG and 20% PR. Just to clarify, this is the perennial rye that is arriving first? When could I expect to see KBG filling in? Would I be able to tell the difference when the KBG starts germinating?

We are currently getting 1-2 inches of rain tonight with this storm that is hitting the Northeast. I watered twice a day last week and now my sprinkler is on a timer and will be working 3x a day after this storm passes. I am slightly concerned as temperatures will average mid 50s/upper 30s this week...

Do you consider this the beginnings of a successful germination?

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Temperatures have been pretty low as of late, which is going to prolong germination. PR is usually showing green in a few days, a week means low soil temps. The KBG is probably going to take at least 2 weeks to show green unless you get a stretch of very warm weather. I doubt you would be able to tell the difference by appearance if they germinated at the same time although PR grows tall much faster than KBG. Stick with it, keep it moist even after all the PR is up, and pray for a warm up. Good luck.

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Thank you I will update with photos every day.

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Hang in there...did a major reseeding project when the temps were warm...then it got cold...then warm again and the rye portion of my KBG mix finally popped...then 3 inches of heavy, wet, snow covered all the fine, green "hair". Maybe we'll both have something akin to lawn by the end of May! Good luck

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