Jasmine troubles

Flwr_Zab_z5aDecember 19, 2005

I bought this beautiful jasmine from Walmart in June. It was so happy on my porch over the summer and continued to be happy when I moved it inside in the late fall, even when my other relocated plants struggled to make adjustments.

Then, after it went too long w/o water one week, it became dramatically unhappy. It started dropping its strong green leaves -- at this point, it must have dropped half. It's still a nice green, but now very scraggly and daily dropping leaves. I've been better about the water, but I feel it's getting desperate.

The temperature is coolish, not near a heater and within range of our front door. The light is from a south-facing window.

Any suggestions? I'm so scared I'm going to lose this (once)gorgeous plant!


- Elizabeth

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Elizabeth, you may have a deciduous jasmine which means it's natural for leaves to drop in winter..
Do you know the botanical name of your jasmine?
Is it a vine or grow upright?
I know Walmart sells both types, deciduous and evergreen.
Keep plant in bright light, water, but do not allow soil to stay constantly wet. Don't force-feed this plant. In case it's dormant.
You can mist leaves daily, and hose in sink once a wk. Starting about March, give a light dose of plant food. Work its way up until it's getting normal feedings.

I'm not sure but I think the Confederate Jamsines go dormant and lose leaves in winter. If I'm wrong, someone please step in. If this is the case, don't worry..new growth will resume about March. I hope this is the case. Toni

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

Well....My confederate Jasmine has lost SOME leaves since coming inside. I noticed it seems to lose leaves when I let the soil dry out too much. I have to stay on top of the watering with this one. On a more positive note, it has rewarded me with two new stems since September. I've fertilized once per month and just this month added SuperThrive to the feeding.

I also have two Sambac varieties- Maid of Orleans and Belle of India. These can take drying out without defoliating. The Maid of Orleans, however, will pout with browned/crispy leaves. The MOO put out new growth early on in the Fall, but hasn't grown in the past month or so. It seems to be dormant. The BOI hasn't done squat since bringing inside in September! My pr

All of my Jasmines are kept in a West facing window and are positioned close to the window since they like cooler temperatures. And, thinking back to the summer months, I have to say that the MOO gave me the most problems in high temps. It's leaves would get dry and crispy if I slacked on the watering. This happened moreso during the summer than it does now that the weather is cold.

As far as blooming is concerned- the MOO bloomed more often than the Confederate or Belle of India. The Confederate grew more foliage during the summer and bloomed sparsely.

Sorry so long! Keep your Jasmines evenly moist- not wet and not dry and you should see some improvements. Do you have a humidifier that you can place in the room with these plants? It may help...


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It's definitely a shrub -- that's all I know.

Here's two pictures:


full plant:

I cannot *believe* that I didn't take any pics while the plant was in full bloom. I don't think it's a confederate jasmine b/c I remember the blooms being thicker...

If I can ID the type, then I'll really be able to know what I'm dealing with. (Obviously!)

- E.

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E, what you have is a Murraya Pancula..it's not a jasmine, even though the common name is Orange Jasmine..The Murraya is closer to citrus.
It blooms white flowers that sometimes grow red berry's after flowering.
It prefers cool to heat..I've two, a bush and tree, both are kept cool. When I had one growing in a warmer location, it too dropped quite a few leaves.
Mist daily, water soil ball well but let soil dry. Place outside in summer. Feed during growing season w/a citrus or azalia food. Do not prune..Good luck, Toni

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

Flash- Yes, the Murraya Paniculata is what you have. I didn't have any luck with mine either once I brought it inside. It just began dropping leaves like mad. I finally set it back outside and let it be da**ed! I don't need that kind of attitude when there are others who know how to act!

I haven't decided if I will buy another one next spring/summer. I actually had a tree form before getting the bush. I'm not sure w hat happened with the tree, probably overwatered. The bush form, however, probably died from not getting enough water. I understand they don't like to dry out AT ALL. I will say that the bush did wonderfully outside this past summer.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Well I thought the leaves are a bit to pointy for Murraya paniculata, but if you all say so.

I'm on my 3rd one, am finally able to keep this one as I am careful not to let it dry out. Have lost the 2 prior from letting it get too dry.

This current one has a wick in it & is over a water reservoir just in case. Hasn't bloomed for me yet, but it's still quite a small one.

Recently, I found a larger one & bought it, but unfortunately, I let it get too dry. I was abt to toss what I thought were dead sticks, when I found some remaining green growth on it, so I've cut off the dead sticks, am watching the watering carefully & it has a new sprigg of growth!

Thanks for the tips abt it prefering cool, I hadn't know that.

I WOULD say if it is M. paniculata, not letting it dry seems key! Good luck!

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All -

I am happy to report that after a month of watching my plant fall apart, things have been starting to improve! I see new growth on several of the stems.

It looks like the plant lost ALL of its old leaves, only keeping leaves from this summer and fall. But I'm relieved; there is hope this plant will see another summer (and another bloom period!)

- E.

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hi all,

this is my first post here, i just joined yesterday. last year i bought a confederate jasmine(that did wonderfully outside)and when i brought it in for the winter it lost all of its leaves. i thought it died and stopped watering it. then not too long ago cut the whole thing down to it's little stump. i've since then been watering it, becasue the stump didn't appear dead. does anyone think there is still hope for it? thanks in advance...erin

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Linda, I've got two Murrays, and it's weird but some leaves are round and some pointed..Strange, huh? lol

Erin, I think Confederate Jasmines go dormant in winter, if I'm not mistaken. Does anyone here know for sure? If this is the case, stop cutting back and you should see new growth. Keep in bright light, like a west window. You should start seeing green soon..Toni

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ostrich(3a AB)

I had so much trouble with my Lakeview Jasmine (also a Murraya Paniculata) as a houseplant that I almost threw it out a couple of times, but every time it just came back unexpectedly, so it's still with me!

The first trouble started when it was infested with white flies - it got so bad that one of the two trunks died and I was about to throw it out. Then my mom aggressively pruned it and guess what? It came back! So I kept it.

The second trouble occurred when the entire plant was infested with scale! Oh lord, I was going to throw it out, left it in the garage and hardly took notice of it over winter. Then guess what? It came back!!! I was just amazed.

So, yesterday, I pruned it and left it outside since the weather is now mild enough in NE Ohio. I think that it's going to do well again!

I think I am going to leave it as a patio plant, and then overwinter it in the garage from now on, so that it won't have the same trouble again as a houseplant!

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I recently bought a 5' tall climbing pink jasmine (jasminum polyanthum) from the home center. It was just dripping in intoxicating blooms. I potted it in fresh soil, added a little osmocote and have watered and misted it. What seemed to be new growth and potential blooms, turned dark brown and dried up. So I pinched those off. It has been several weeks and I do not have any more blooms. I dont want to be flowerless all summer. Help!

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Dirtdigger, one thing I learned over the years is never repot a plant when it's in bud/flower..
2nd, some plants prefer fertilizer when in bloom, others don't. I'm not sure about jasmine polyanthum..which catagory it falls under.
3rd, though I mist plants religiously, I never mist buds/flowers..most of the time this only fades flowers..
I'm unfamiliar w/Home Center..is it a greenhouse or hardware store? Relocating blooming plants is difficult. Often, a move will defoliate. Toni

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milwdave(Zone5 Milwaukee)

Jasminum polyanthum is a seasonal bloomer. Usually spring after a cool period of SEMI-dormancy. No blooms for you over the summer but should grow nicely.


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It was recommended that I plant three confederate jasmine in the front of my house with the intention that they would climb up some arching walls. The first one that was planted, a large plant, seemed to start out well but seems to have stopped growing. The second and third, much smaller plants, do not seem to have grown at all!!! I am just learning about gardening so I am afraid I was not given very good advise. In investigating this plant on-line, it seems that they are not appropriate for full sun. could this be the problem? If so, what evergreen (preferably flowering) climbing vine would work in the full sun of Tampa Florida? If the sun isn't the issue, what tips could I try to get them to grow?



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