Overseeding & Crabgrass

Irishmen82April 10, 2014

I core aerated my lawn and now ready to seed( I know you should overseed in fall). I've read a bunch of different views on what to do about seeding and when to put down crabgrass prevention. Wait 2 weeks for seed to germinate then put down. Put down prevention first wait a week then seed, with that I feel I need to get the seed down now. So any input would be appreciated.

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Google Siduron.

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I have a feeling that is going to be hard to find. The only product I know I can get the has Siduron in it is Greenview seed starter+ crabgrass prevent and its only like 3% or 4% of the total product. I'm sure there are others, but is that low % ok. My garden center guy was saying to put down the Greenview step 1 feed and crabgrass prevent 24-0-6, it won't hurt the seed and will last longer.

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I believe Scotts produces a starter fertilizer with siduron. I'm unfamiliar with the Greenview products. Whatever you use, make sure it is safe for the type of seed you are planting.

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