Growing new grass on dirt

TJSmoovApril 24, 2014

We just moved into a new construction house and our lawn was laid with sod and it looks very nice. However, a patch of land just beyond our property line was not sodded and the builder simply laid grass seed and hay and grass should eventually grow there but it won't be nice or even like the lawn. I want this area to seem like an extension of our lawn and I'm not sure how to go about doing this. My idea was to rake up the hay and grass seed and then to till the soil and level it before laying my own sod. But I also know nothing about doing this sort of thing. Does anyone have any instructions or advice on how I should go about "extending" my lawn onto this patch of land? The patch is about 30 x 65 feet.

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Don't till⦠I speak from experience here⦠No matter how much you smooth it out, 2 or 3 years from now it'll settle and you'll have all sorts of bumps. If you have the budget for sod, then just rake up the straw & sod away. Remember to keep up the water 'til it's established.

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use a tractor with a box blade to level it. Do not till.

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Thanks, I appreciate the advice.

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