Hangin' with My Gnomies!!!

Calamity_J(z7bc)July 20, 2011

Been working waaay too much, finally got a chance to work out in the yard...my secret garden...the back 40...tiered slope that tries to kill me!!!lol! So I was at a yard sale with a fellow Garden Junker

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My big blabbing got cut off! I was trying to say that I scored those painted sheet things for .75/each, and the building blocks were scrounged for free, and the potting bench was a gs find, $20.

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

That's a lot of fun stuff!

Wish I could find a potting bench that nice at a gs.

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9bark(6 semi-desert)

Creepiest gnome ever bottom right.

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Great scores! Lots of color in your gardens...you have been having fun! Everything's looking green & summery! Great bargain $$$ on your potting bench! Love it! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Here a gnome, there a gnome! LOL They look like they are liking it back there, tho your dog is wondering "What's up?" So cute. I like the flags & great price. The potting bench is really fixed up nice. Like that thing in the corner, is it made from grapevines? Looks like you have been busy fixing things up. The building blocks look like they are coming in handy. Nice save! Jan

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Marlene Kindred

Had to laugh at the title of your post! ;-D Looks like you found some real bargains there....love your potting bench. Your gnomes look like they're right at home out there in your lower 40! TFS~

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

The back 40 is looking great! You are one hardworking woman!
I love "Hangin' with My Gnomies" I think I might have to have a sign that says that. And also some Gnomes of course.

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Everything looks so nice. Your gnomes have some cute facial expressions. WOWZERS on those bargain prices, you really scored! And don't ya just love the scrounging price!! On Sunday I managed to pick up 270 old bricks by just making a phone call....my DH thought I was nuts.....but I cherish each brick as I alraedy have a spot for them. Just gotta wait for cooler days.

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9Bark: He was even creepier when I had painted Fangs on him!!!lol! (Had to cuz DD was seriously creeped out by him!ha!)I noticed when moving him, that he has a big toes broke off...no one is fessing up either. I just scored another one too...free! I think I have paid 3.50 for one, the rest were free in the scrap pile at the recycle depot...rescued gnomes:repainted/luved some more!

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Cool!!! I love it!!!

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HAHAHAHA i almost spit out what i was drinking when i read 9barks post. Calamity i love your stuff, especially those painted sheets! where the heck did you get them? I would have paid through the nose for the mermaid!

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Great scores! I love the sheets. Were they handpainted? I like your group of gnomes too and that great potting bench. Great price on the blocks too!

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Those banners(couldn't think of the word earlier) were at a yard sale and I don't know the story behind them, just that they looked like they could be used outside,they were folded up sitting in a box...I really like them! For .75/each I will enjoy them even if they only last one season! Maybe I'll make some of my own. Our town has a banner workshop each year and you can buy the banner and paints for like a $100 and they will hang them all around town, then they auction them off for charity I think. But these ones I got in another town...they are painted on each side too! So my nieghbors get to look at them too!

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