Gas leak in Toro CCR 3650 Snowthrower

jlaak5January 16, 2008

Hello all,

I know this is a lawn mower forum, however I was hoping that I could find someone with small engine knowledge.

I have a Toro CCR3650 Snow thrower that is leaking gas. It appears to be leaking right below the choke switch. Does anybody have any idea as to what the problem may be? I would like to fix it myself if possible.



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canguy(British Columbia)

Likely either a bad fuel line or the float is sticking causing it to flood.

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This engine and carb is based on the lawn boy 2 cycle engine. The needle valve and seat is known to leak on those carbs and leak out the air intake. Remove the lower engine cover, remove 4 screws holding carb bowl on, remove float,replace needle and seat that threads in, reinstall float with correct side up, clean inside of float bowl, reinstall float bowl and engine cover. This repair is if the fuel leaks only when the snowblower is not in use. If it also leaks while runnining check fuel lines or even tank fitting.

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thanks for the for my next question. Is this a job for an inexperienced mechanic such as myself?? or should I be bringing this to a repair shop?



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Check the Toro website for recalls.There was a gas leak related recall on some of their 2 stroke snow blowers but I foget which ones.

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Model Serial Range Snowthrower Year Retail Price
38600 220000001 to 220004072 24-inch Single Stage 2002 $860
38602 220000001 to 220005931 24-inch Electric Start 2002 $960

Model Serial Range Snowthrower Year Retail Price
38413 210010001 to 210020990 20-inch Single Stage 2001 $590
38419 210010001 to 210014725 20-inch Electric Start 2001 $690
38440 210010001 to 210015656 20-inch Single Stage 2001 $660
38445 210012082 to 210021964 20-inch Electric Start 2001 $760
38515 220000001 to 220013743 20-inch Single Stage 2002 $590
38516 220000001 to 220008930 20-inch Electric Start 2002 $690
38517 220000001 to 220010910 20-inch Single Stage 2002 $660
38518 220000210 to 220015932 20-inch Electric Start 2002 $760

The units were sold by Toro dealers and Home Depot stores

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fuel leaking below the choke switch which he indicated is the oposite side of the snowblower as the fuel tank fitting where the recall was intended for. As far as mechanical ability doing a basic rebuild on the carb is not dificult. if you can replace a cord on a lamp without a short you can do this. Like i said take off the lower shroud to get access or maybe even be able to do it though the acess hole in the shroud. replace needle and seat, make sure float isnt leaking, check bowl gasket and reasemble. Theres no reason to even remove the carb from the engine block. Other trick is if the tank is less then half full tilt the snow blower forward so the weight is on the chute and front end while working on carb and this will stop fuel flow other then the fuel in the line and carb so you dont need to drain the tank. You got nothing to loose since even if somehow you brought the machine to a dealer with a bag full of carb parts they shouldnt charge you more labor then if everything was fully assembled

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The fuel fitting leak recall was for the 4 stroke 2 stage Tecumseh powered blowers.The CCR model in question is a two stroke covered by the recall I referenced.The recall had to do with splitting gas tanks but since leaking gas can "run" along parts it is not inconceivable that it could drip from the choke switch.

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Hi Jim,

I have the same machine and leak problem #38517. I've been meaning to take it for repair (& now recall) but in the meantime I try not to fill the tank so the machine will be empty at end of each job and then not leaking. You know there's a problem because you can smell the gas after it's been turned off and sitting for a number of hours or overnight. The gas pooled up just below the choke. You could see this if you took off the back cover. After a time it would fill so much that would begin to drip onto the floor. I noticed this leak from the time I first had the machine but it seemed to have gotten worse over time. Now I'm not an expert on engines but have something I believe is worth mentioning at this time.

I tried this, after reading the explanation here in the forum about the float. Upon turning off the engine I tilted the blower back just a bit so as to level the gas cap then turned the key back "on" just B4 it quit so the engine started up a again on it's own momentum. I did this a several times with the cap still level and then shut it off.

After doing this several or more times after use, I haven't been noticing anymore gas smell the next day. A visual check below the choke now shows that there is only a trace of fuel and no smell, even though there's plenty of gas in the tank. The thrower still starts up & runs fine.

Could I have stumbled onto something here or is it just a coincidence?

P.S. Thanks for the info on the recall: I wonder if it's still good after all this time? It's now some 6 years later.

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