Murray 3hp 2 stroke snowblower Dead

skane1(3)January 4, 2014

Hi guys.....
I was given an older Murray 3hp 2 stroke 20 inch snowblower by my son inlaw .It is getting fuel and has a strong spark but will not start.Not sure what is wrong so if anyone has any ideas please let me know
Thanks again Shawn....

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If you get out an extension cord, and set up a "trouble-light" near the engine, to warm the carburetor and intake manifold, for 30 minutes or so, you might find that the engine will start right up for you. If you can get it running, adding a small amount of "Gum-Out" or something similar to the fuel tank might improve the carburetor function, provided that you run the engine long enough. I think it takes about an hour of operation for chemical solvent carb cleaners to accomplish much. I'm not saying that this unit would not benefit from being taken apart, inspected, and cleaned as necessary on the workshop bench. However, these measures might get you going, and back in operation within the hour. Use caution when warming an engine with an incandescent light-you want to get the engine warm, like 80 degrees F, not hot.

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More often than not, the jet in the bottom of the carb is varnished. Sometimes the entire bowl is varnished. Did you drain all the old gas, including what was in the carb? Alot of times you can access the jet without removing the covers. Take it out and look at it.

These units are pretty easy to start with a rope.

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Diaphragm carb or bowl type?

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Hi Guys.....Thanks for all your help.....
I ended up putting removing the float bowl and cleaning it out and seems to work great! Seems to flood easy though.

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